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5 June 2024

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Available now! 5 June 2024
Who is XCL
About XCL Education
XCL American School of Bangkok is proud to be part of the XCL Education family of schools. XCL Education is a forward-thinking group of private and international schools, kindergartens, and academic enrichment programs headquartered in Singapore.
XCL Education
XCL Education aspires to be a trusted and respected future-focused family of schools, fostering curiosity, excellence, and creating life-shaping impact on our students, staff, and communities it serves.
A Brighter Future
XCL American School of Bangkok joined XCL Education in late 2022. The change of ownership paves the way to further growth developments for the school and to ensure a brighter future for students, staff, and community members. The mission, values and strategic plan that had been developed by our Leadership Team remain the same. However we are thrilled to share that we have identified several new offerings, initiatives, and improvements to strengthen our school’s academic and extracurricular offerings.
XCL D-PREP to Further Benefit from Group-Wide Events and Initiatives
In future, XCL D-PREP students will further benefit from similar opportunities and experiences, including group-wide events in talent, sports/esports, entrepreneurship, internships, and academic exchanges and XCL Dialogues, which will also provide students, teachers, staff, and parents across the group with a unique opportunity to hear, learn, and be inspired by some of the best minds and achievers in the world.
Work Together to Nurture the Whole Learner
Together with XCL Education community, XCL D-PREP will work towards empowering a diverse and inclusive community of safe, happy, and successful learners.
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With high quality teachers, stringent group-wide standards, nurturing school culture, and access to world-class academic opportunities.
With continuous innovation and updates to teaching methods and technology, ensuring students are equipped with the drive and tools to succeed.
By embedding key elements of growth mindset, resilience, interpersonal skills, leadership, self-motivation, and stewardship across all student activities.
Through audited standards, policies, processes, training and an ingrained culture of student safety.
Using the Kaizen philosophy of methodically measuring outcomes, collecting parent/ student feedback, and being accountable for action and improvements.
In November 2022, D-PREP joined XCL Education a leading international education group.
This change of ownership paves the way for further growth and development for D-PREP, and ensures a brighter future for students, staff, and community members.
As part of XCL Education, D-PREP will have access to best practices and resources from other XCL schools around the world. This will allow D-PREP to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in education, access quality talent, and develop unique partnerships to enhance our students' learning experiences.
A Member of XCL Education
The school goes above and beyond to provide enriching educational experiences by offering students exciting opportunities for student exchanges with XCL Schools. Through these programs, students have the chance to immerse themselves in different cultural settings and expand their horizons. The school’s partnership with XCL Schools opens doors to an international network of educational institutions, creating a global platform for students to thrive and excel.

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