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Students Support Services
Students Support Services

D-PREP Student Support Services

D-PREP is committed to ensuring that all students are able to access the full curriculum and are provided with any needed support to make progress and to reach standards.

Students who need additional support, or interventions are provided these either by their class teachers or from supplemental push-in or pull-out services.

When students are identified as needing any additional support academically, emotionally or behaviorally, we work with families to put suitable arrangements in place. Progress is monitored regularly to access the success of these arrangements, and to make additional changes in the support provided if needed.

English Language Learners (ELL) Services

D-PREP provides supplementary English Language Learning (ELL) support for those students who need additional English support to access the curriculum.

The aim of the D-PREP ELL program is to assist students requiring English language support to access the school curriculum and help them to progress to a level of attainment at which they can confidently, successfully and independently participate in the mainstream academic program.

ELL support is provided in the classes as well as in special classes. If needed ELL students attend sessions outside their regular classrooms to enhance their language skills, which supports them to keep up with the mainstream academic workload.

Learning Support Services

Student Support Team (SST) is a school-based problem-solving team, which provides structured support and assistance through varying research-based instructional strategies that will promote students’ learning.

It brings all the stakeholders in the learning community together to discuss the concern, share information, and find the most feasible action plan for the students in need.

Our Objectives

Student support team members can consist of a range of people who have knowledge of a student and the issue or problem they may be facing, and may be helpful in planning for student success. This may include class teachers, ELL and Learning support teachers, admissions, and administrators.

The Learning Support Department believes that every child is unique and has the capacity to learn when given the right support. The aim of the department is to provide a supportive pillar for students and teachers from Grades K-12 to enhance learning.

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