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15 May 2024

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Available now! 15 May 2024

5 Ways to Help Kids Develop Empathy

Empathy is a vital life skill in a child's social and emotional development, promoting better relationships and overall well-being by enabling them to understand and share others' feelings.

How to Help Your Child Choose the Right Career Path

Every parent desires the best for their child, and guiding them toward the right career path is a crucial aspect of their future. A career path shapes a child's life, and as a parent, you have a vital role in aligning it with their passions and abilities

5 Important Educational Trends for 2024

Education has evolved every year. The pandemic led to changes like distance learning. Trends like innovative teaching and holistic development shape Thailand's international education.
student center learning

Why Student-Centered Learning is Needed in the 21st Century

Student-centered learning, where the focus is on the students themselves, is crucial in preparing them for success in an era of continuous technological advancements and evolving job markets.
resilience in student

How D-PREP Builds Resilience in Students

Students that are more resilient are better able to adapt, recover, and prosper in the face of challenges. Schools are crucial in building resilience and preparing students for adulthood.
lifelong learners children

8 Tips on Raising Your Children to be Lifelong Learners

It is typical for parents to desire their kids to grow up with a true passion for learning. The ongoing accumulation of knowledge, skills, and personal development over the course of a person's life is known as lifelong learning.
critical thinking skills in kids

How to Develop Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

For a child to develop intellectually and succeed in the future, critical thinking abilities are crucial.Early critical thinking skills can establish a solid basis for learning and growth that last a lifetime.

Why Teach Kids to be Self-reliant?

Nurturing self-reliance in children is vital for their holistic development. Beyond independence, it empowers them to make informed decisions, face challenges, and be prepared for adulthood complexities
Benefit of project approach

How a Project Approach Benefits Children (With Examples)

A project-based approach can offer children a more comprehensive understanding of concepts by providing opportunities for hands-on learning, problem-solving, and collaboration. Learn more at D-PREP

How to Develop Creative Thinking in Children

Encouraging creative thinking in children can help foster their imagination and problem-solving skills by providing opportunities for children to explore and experiment with new ideas. Learn more at D-PREP
choosing international school for your kids

How to choose an international school for your child

Selecting an international school can be daunting. In Thailand, with numerous options available, researching and considering crucial factors is vital for parents before making a decision.
what is Advanced Placement (AP)

What is Advanced Placement (AP) and why does it matter?

Discover the benefits of Advanced Placement (AP) courses for high school students seeking academic challenges and college credit. Get insights into why it's an excellent choice for your child’s education.

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