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20 March 2024

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Available now! 20 March 2024
Foundation English Program (FEP)
Foundation English Program (FEP)
Foundation English Program (FEP)

Enhanced English language for students who want to enter international schools. Both speaking, reading, and writing skills


Create a project to present in public using English language.


WIDA Model, Weekly presentation, Teacher Evaluation

Automatic Admission

Get into an international school with confidence Even if you don’t have any background in English.


At D-PREP International School, the  Foundational English Program is created for students who wish to attend an international school with an American curriculum.

FEP is mainly for students from Thai, Bilingual, or English Program (EP) Programs. FEP ensures that students can follow a full international school curriculum without language restrictions.

Students will experience learning according to the full curriculum of D-PREP International School, both in terms of curriculum, activities, and teaching atmosphere. There will be native English language teachers who will teach and evaluate the student’s strengths and weaknesses in speaking, reading, and writing.

D-PREP’s Foundational English Program includes:

Program Highlights

Low student-teacher ratio and level-based placement

Built around character

Extracurricular activities built into the timetable

Expedition Project

Regular assessment throughout the course of study

Preparing Students for the WIDA Placement Exam

The WIDA is a model for measuring English language development levels. Accepted by international schools worldwide, the WIDA test measures speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. A WIDA score of 4.0+ is needed for students to enter mainstream courses.

Students who complete the FEP program can take the WIDA placement test and enter the ELL Program. This program is for students who show significant improvement in their English language skills and are ready to join D-PREP’s Mainstream Courses.

Weekly Video Presentation

In addition to academic evaluation, D-PREP also emphasizes practical evaluation. Students will be required to take videos to assess their progress each week. These videos will be sent to parents as well. Teachers and students can better understand their strengths and weaknesses through these weekly video presentations.

Teacher Evaluation

Teachers will actively monitor their students’ progress to ensure they can successfully enroll in their respective grade levels and mainstream classes as soon as possible.

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Foundational English Program (FEP)
D-PREP's Foundational English Program is designed to prepare students for international schools. The program focuses on developing speaking, reading, and writing skills to help students become proficient in English.
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