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Academic Programs
Academic Programs

The D-PREP Academic Program

combines the best practices from around the world to create a dynamic and vibrant education for our students which inspires our children to find solutions that improve their own community and the world.

Health, Safety & Security at D-PREP

Safety is of the utmost importance at D-PREP, and all students are encouraged to practice good health and safety habits.  Safety instruction is given at school and safety measures are consistently practiced in the buildings and on the playground.

Personal identification (ID cards) should be worn and visible at all times when coming to the D-PREP campus to pick up children.

The security guards will supervise the safety of the students, the school and its environment during all school hours.  The administration, principal, staff, faculty and maintenance people will be in charge of the observance of safety regulations.  The teachers will supervise the safety of each child in their classrooms.

As a general reminder D-PREP offers these guidelines:

  1. Students who leave the campus before the end of the regular school day should be signed out in the Front Office by their parent or guardian.
  2. Students who are going home with another person, friend or who are not using their regular transportation should have a note to notify the school front office.
  3. Identification badges will be issued to vendors and visitors by the security guard.  The badge will be given in exchange for personal identification.
  4. In case of an emergency school closing, D-PREP will attempt to notify each family by telephone or SMS.
D-PREP Program

D-PREP’s curriculum is based on the best international standards and instructional practices from around the globe.

Experiential Learning & Play-based learning | Reggio Emilia | IB-PYP
Experiential Learning | IB-PYP
Experiential learning | Expeditionary learning
Experiential Learning | Expeditionary learning | AP Program
D-PREP Educational Approach

The philosophy for our rigorous academic program is centered around experiential learning. This hands-on “learning by doing” approach sees students learn deeply about concepts that are connected and relevant to the real world and that are trans-disciplinary, incorporating many subject areas, and develop the skills and the mindset that advances their life-long understanding and love for learning.

When we designed our curriculum, we adopted influences which emphasize experiential learning that connects learning to the real world, inquiry and project-based learning, and the concepts of balance of learning with the mind, body, and spirit.

In our middle grades, Grade 6-8, we continue this experiential learning, which we refer to as “expeditions”,  these extended projects connect students learning to real audiences and developing solutions to real issues or problems in our world.

Throughout our school we use the American Standards to guide the development of these projects and expeditions. In Chinese with use Singapore Standards and for Thai Language, the standards for all Thai schools.

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