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Admission Process
Admission Process

D-PREP Admission Journey

You can ask for specific information on the D-PREP admissions and application process by emailing or by contacting the admissions officers at our school.

TEL: 095-879-4944

We accept applications and new students throughout the year.

Once the necessary documents have been received and processed, assessment and an interview will be arranged for you and your child.

Step 1 : Application
Step 2 : Preparation of Documents
The following items are required at the time of application and are all needed before an application can be received.
* All supporting documents must be in English.
Step 3 : Application Review
Submitted applications will be reviewed by the enrolment team and the Academic leadership team. Some applicants may be invited to sit for an English language proficiency or other assessment and/or attend a family meeting with the Academic leadership team. Our Admissions team will take care of all the arrangements.
Step 4 : Offer
Successful applicants will receive an official offer letter from the school’s Admissions department as part of the application process, you will be required to pay an upfront, non-refundable enrollment and school fees upon receiving the offer letter.
Step 5 : Enrollment
Once all the documentation is submitted and fees paid, your family is all set to start your learning journey with us. You will receive a Welcome information deck and be all set to Shape Next Now!
Required Document
Documents Required for Admissions in D-PREP
Age/Grade Level Equivalents
Children who finish the kindergarten section will automatically qualify for placement in the elementary school. All other students entering first grade must be 6 years old by November 1 of the same year, have attended English speaking kindergarten, or an English Language Learning summer program. Transfer students must provide transcripts or grade reports from their previous schools.

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