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24 April 2024

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Our Teachers
Our Teachers

Our Teachers

D-PREP offers experienced, highly qualified English native speaker teachers from all over the world who are passionate about helping students realize their potential through forming meaningful relationships with their students and their commitment to being life-long learners in education.

D-PREP Teachers

At our school, our teachers and staff don’t believe there is a “bad” or “flawed” child. The teacher’s role is to protect the best interests of every child, to believe in them, and to help them build the skills they need to overcome any challenge.
Our teachers and staff are expected to actively self-reflect their own teaching practices in order to best support the different needs and abilities of all students. Our teachers see themselves as educational researchers who are genuinely curious about students’ development and continually seek new strategies in teaching and learning.

Primary Team

Ms. Diana Namaghi
Nursery A Teacher
Ms. Lyndi Grebe
Nursery C Teacher / Primary (Team Leader)
Ms. Racha Seddiki
Nursery B Teacher
Mr. David Schardt
Kindergarten 1A Teacher
Ms. Chui Ying Ng
Kindergarten 1B Teacher
Ms. Katherine Fenner
Kindergarten 2 Teacher
Ms. Jeane Lew Flemming
Grade 1A Teacher / Primary (Team Leader)
Ms. Phoebe Waugh
Grade 1B Teacher
Mr. Wayne Goodings
Grade 2A Teacher
Ms. Priscilla Elizabeth Clifton
Grade 2B Teacher
Mr. David Flemming
Grade 3A Teacher
Mr. Jonathan Wright
Grade 3B Teacher
Ms. Melanie (MJ) Gavan
Grade 4 Teacher
Ms. Kimber Claeborn
Grade 5 Teacher / Primary (Team Leader)

Secondary Team

Mr. Scott Jackson
English Teacher
Mr. David (Dave) Barraclough
Middle School Social Science Teacher
Mr. Ben Franciliso
Mathematics Teacher
Ms. Jonalou Tepatipya
Science Teacher

Language Team

Ms. Jintana (Noi) Arunruang Hubble
Thai Language Teacher
Ms. Watcharaporn Katthiyang
Thai Language Teacher
Ms. Pornpisoot Seta
Thai Language Teacher
Ms. Ma (Mandy) Yun
Chinese Language Teacher / Languages Team Leader
Ms. Rouyi Pu
Chinese Language

Specials Team

Mr. Javier Tesouro
Physical Education Teacher / Specialist Subject Team Lead / Athletics and Activities Team Leader
Mr. Dario Sanchez Perez
PE Teacher
Mr. Evan Jose De Veyra
Music Teacher
Ms. Suwimol Pongsumrit
Visual Arts
Mr. Gareth Jon Hardman
Design Technology Teacher
Mr. Robert Hadden
Librarian / Parent Liason

Student Support Services Team

Ms. Natalie Candido
College Counsellor and Life Skills Coordinator
Ms. Anika Kumar
Student Support (ELL) Teacher
Ms. Ying Ying Lee
School Psychologist

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