Middle School Program

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At D-PREP middle school, we offer Expeditionary Learning, a unique and innovative approach to teaching and learning. This program combines rigorous academic standards with real-world experiences, such as fieldwork, research, and community service. Our students learn by doing and are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

Experiential Learning at D-PREP

Children will learn best when they believe in themselves. But self-belief develops when they learn from direct, hands-on experience and are able to overcome their doubts and fears.

At our school, it is our job as educators to inspire, challenge, and support all students in a way that pushes them to grow yet feel safe in a supportive environment.

We are an innovative international school located in the Megabangna community, Bangna area. We are currently offering Nursery-Grade 7 for the 2021-2022 school year but are expanding as we grow.

Our D-PREP Middle School Program (G6-8) ensures that all our students will develop a strong academic foundation but will also flourish as creative problem solvers and effective collaborative learners who believe in themselves and their abilities.

Our Middle School Program is an “EL Education” inspired program, following the Expeditionary Learning system. We are the very first school in Southeast Asia to adopt the “Expeditionary Learning (EL) Education” system.

The Middle School Program at D-PREP is for students in grades 6, 7, and 8 that are typically aged between 11 years to 14 years old.

We believe that learners at this age need a combination of care, challenge, choice, and opportunity to help them succeed in achieving our mission. Through a thoughtful and caring approach to students’ social-emotional learning, our teachers, counselors, and administrators guide students through this stage of their learning and growth.

While aligned with best-practice learning standards from around the world, our academics provide students with a globally-minded curriculum and instruction that meets students at their level of need.

Publications from our Learning Expeditions

An important aspect of Learning Expedition is to make sure that projects result in products. These products are modeled on real-world documents and artifacts, with professional models guiding student work. Ideally, products are critiqued by
professionals and contribute to a real-world audience.

Below are samples of high-quality student work from different Learning Expeditions.

"Who Is Thailand?" Book by D-PREP Middle School students

This book is a collection of our Middle School students’ journalistic work where their essential question was, “How have people’s life experiences in Thailand, particularly during the reign of King Rama IX, developed “life skills” and prepared them to be resilient, active citizens who can persevere through difficult times?”

Open “Who Is Thailand?” book

"Our Coral Reef" a children's book by D-PREP Middle School student

Our students took their learnings from their Outbound Trip to the islands of Koh Rang, Koh Mak, and Koh Kood; and created a children’s book for the school children of that community.

Open “Our Coral Reefs” children’s book

Students discuss the lessons they learned and the stories that inspired them from the interviews they conducted.

Students also discuss D-PREP’s new non-governmental organization, Fresh Hope Foundation, its creation, its projects, and its goal to help the homeless of Thailand.

Open “War and Peace” book

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September 27, 2023

The Expeditionary Learning Approach

The first Expeditionary Learning Middle School Program in Southeast Asia.

Hands On, Real World Learning

Empowering students through different hands-on educational opportunities in a real-world setting.

Design Thinking for Innovation

Helping students achieve a Design Thinking mindset and approach to their learning.

Rigorous Academic Program

Continuously challenging students academically and intellectually.

Presentation & Leadership Skills

Building and developing students’ confidence and leadership through presentation and performing arts.

Life Skills & Mindfulness

Establishing students’ resilience by learning to manage themselves socially and emotionally.

Highlights of our Middle School Program

Strong academics

Creative and critical thinking skills

Public speaking and presentation skills

Experiential learning & Fieldwork

Digital Literacy & Design Thinking

Sports and ECA opportunities

Life Skills Curriculum

Active contributors to the community

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