Middle School Program

Ms. Amy Marx (D-PREP Principal) on our Middle School Program

An “EL Education” inspired program.

D-PREP International School is the very first school in Southeast Asia to adopt the Expeditionary Learning system.

Mr. Chris Koerber

Director of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum

“We are so excited to introduce to Thailand Expeditionary Learning, one of the most powerful school design models where students are challenged to be leaders of their own learning and are prepared to excel in high school and for the rest of their lives.”

Middle School Expeditionary Learning

The first Expeditionary Learning Middle School Program in Southeast Asia.

Hands On, Real World Learning

Empowering students through different hands-on educational opportunities in a real world setting.

Design Thinking for Innovation

Helping students achieve a Design Thinking mindset and approach to their learning.

Rigorous Academic Program

Continuously challenging students academically and intellectually.

Presentation & Leadership Skills

Building and developing students’ confidence and leadership through presentation and performing arts.

Life Skills & Mindfulness

Establishing students’ resilience by learning to manage themselves socially and emotionally.