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Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning
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What is Experiential Learning?

The D-PREP Experiential Learning approach emphasizes hands-on, practical experiences as a primary learning method. Instead of traditional classroom instruction, D-PREP’s learners engage in direct, active encounters with the subject matter. By immersing the students in real-world situations, experiential learning fosters critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and more holistic growth.

How we do it?

At D-PREP, we place a strong emphasis on experiential learning, recognizing it as the most effective educational approach. Our commitment to hands-on learning spans from Nursery to Grade 12, with teachers actively leading experiential teaching practices. We foster a culture where students are not only permitted but also encouraged to make mistakes, viewing them as invaluable learning opportunities.
This philosophy underpins our dedication to instilling a growth mindset which is essential for sustained happiness and success. In every aspect of their learning and development, students are guided to step beyond their comfort zones within a secure and supportive environment.

During the early years

We implement play-based learning in Nursery classrooms, creating diverse learning stations. This approach ensures that students engage in various activities, laying the foundation for cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Waterplay, for instance, serves a dual purpose by not only providing an enjoyable experience but also facilitating the refinement of fine motor skills. This pragmatic integration of play-based learning exemplifies our commitment to delivering meaningful educational experiences.

During secondary education

We implement expeditionary learning, a curriculum designed to extend students beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. This methodology involves students venturing into real-world situations, including interactions with subject matter experts. Expeditionary learning demands applying classroom knowledge while honing critical life skills such as problem-solving, social interaction, and effective communication. By integrating play-based learning in the early years and expeditionary learning in secondary education, our school provides a comprehensive experiential learning approach, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities ahead.



The D-PREP Experiential learning approach differs from traditional curricula as it emphasizes student-centered experiences, involving active participation in doing, discovering, reflecting, and applying knowledge, rather than relying solely on instructor-centered methods. Our experiential learning approach aims to equip students for happiness and success in the 21st century. Some of the tangible positive outcomes of this approach are:

Deeper Understanding

Students learn more profoundly by applying theoretical knowledge to real-life situations.

Embracing Mistakes

The experiential environment cultivates fearlessness towards mistakes, encouraging students to extract valuable experiences from errors.

Lifelong Learning

Learning is not perceived as a chore. Instead, students develop a perspective that values education as a continuous and lifelong process.

Reflective Practice

Through regular reflection, students become more aware of their actions, fostering a mindset that directs them toward meaningful goals.

Our Experiential Learning approach is practiced in all grade levels. 

D-PREP International School adopts an Experiential Learning approach that is tailored to the distinct needs of
students across all grade levels. 
Early Years – Experiential Learning in the early years is through play-based learning and Reggio Emilia.
Primary School – Experiential Learning in Primary School involves fieldwork activities and practical projects. 
Secondary School – Experiential Learning in secondary School is taken a step further through outbounds which are overnight activities for students to gain a deeper understanding of real-life situations. 

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