The D-PREP academic program combines the best practices from around the world to create a dynamic and vibrant education for our students which inspires our children to find solutions that improve their own community and the world.

The D-PREP Academics Program

We have developed our academic based on Reggio Emilio’s inquiry and project-based learning, the Finnish education system’s emphasis on balanced learning among the mind, body, and spirit, the American educational practices of experiential learning that connects learning to the real world, and the IB international curriculum that emphasizes inquiry-based learning and students owning their own learning through agency. 

Our academic program includes trilingual instruction, with classes in Thai starting in Nursery and in Chinese starting in Kindergarten and our central subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics and Unit of Inquiry (Science and Social Studies) all being in English.  In addition, we have engaging specialty classes for all ages in visual arts, performing arts, physical education, and swimming.  Also, starting in Grade 1, students have Life Skills, Informational Computer Technology (ICT), and Shops.

Our rigorous academic program core philosophy is that of inquiry-based, experiential learning where students learn deeply about concepts that are connected and relevant to the real world and that are transdisciplinary, including many subjects, which develops their life-long understanding and love for learning.