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20 March 2024

Open House
Available now! 20 March 2024
Celebration of Learning
Celebration of Learning

Discover the Brilliance of Learning at D-Prep!

D-Prep’s periodic Celebration of Learning is a dynamic showcase of our students’ ongoing educational journey. This event spotlights innovative projects, emphasizing a commitment to experiential learning across diverse subjects. Guided by dedicated teachers, our approach extends beyond specific instances, fostering active student engagement, reflection, and a sense of responsibility. Join us in celebrating the rich tapestry of education at D-Prep, where knowledge, experience, and inspiration converge in a dynamic learning environment.

End of School Year Celebration

From the first day to the last, it's been an incredible journey at D-PREP. As we bid adieu to this school year, we celebrated in style with an unforgettable day

The Grade 5 and Grade 8 moving up ceremony

Congratulations to our amazing Grade 5 and Grade 8 students on their moving up ceremony!

Kindergarten 2 Graduation 2023

What a magical day it has been! Congratulations to our beloved kindergarten 2 students on their graduation!

Celebration of Learning Showcase SY 2020-21

Celebration of Learning-Focused on Design in D-Prep on Friday, March 19th, 2021 (12:45 - 3:00).

Video: Nursery Students on “Celebration of Learning 2021”

Nursery Students on “Celebration of Learning 2021” D-PREP International School

Video: D-PREP News “Celebration of Learning 2021”

See our D-PREP students talk about what happened in school so far. We create 2-3 D-REP News videos per year.

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