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24 April 2024

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Welcome Message
D-PREP International School Bangna

About D-PREP

We believe happiness and success have to happen hand in hand for every single child. We believe in a well-rounded and balanced approach to education where the child is viewed as a capable learner who can lead most of their learning through the guidance and support of coaches (teachers). We take the best current educational practices from around the world to form and constantly improve our approach to education.

D-PREP international school is affiliated with The American School of Bangkok, which opened the first international kindergarten in Thailand as Didyasarin International Kindergarten in 1983 and changed to Didyasarin International School in 1995 as it expanded from a kindergarten to a full K-12 school.

The final change occurred when the school adopted a fully American curriculum under the name The American School of Bangkok in 1997. ASB now has two K 12 campuses in Sukhumvit and Green Valley, Bangna. ASB is proud to have graduated several hundred students who have since attended several top universities around the world, such as Yale University, New York University, UCLA, and Harvard University, to name a few.

Why choose D-PREP International school?

International School Curriculum based on global standards

D-PREP International school uses an international curriculum based on global standards, specifically The International Baccalaureate Program (IB) and Expeditionary Learning Approach (EL). Our programs are all accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education, ISAT, 333 ONESOA, IB Primary Years Program, Ontario, etc.

Experiential learning that emphasizes self-development

At the kindergarten level, D-PREP’s learning atmosphere emphasizes play-based learning (using play as a learning medium). We encourage students to practice observation, ask questions, have fun, and motivate them to come to school.

We apply the Experiential Learning curriculum for the elementary level so students have fun while learning and experimenting with things around them. We aim to help students discover their passions through fun and memorable experiences.

Enhanced life skills

D-PREP focuses on preparing children holistically. Aside from academic learning, we also help them improve their life skills by preparing them physically and mentally. This way, children can understand themselves and others better and ultimately learn to reflect on their life. We believe the ability to make sense of one’s identity is necessary for children to learn as they grow older.

Passionate teachers and staff focused on children’s growth

D-PREP’s team, from the teachers to the staff, are passionate about the children’s growth and pay close attention to their needs. Our teachers are empathetic, caring, and skilled at their specific subjects.

The school’s mission is to ensure that children learn and grow holistically. D-PREP advocates the co-creator values, which are instilled in its community from students, parents, and staff because we believe that everyone is a participant in creating shared goals.

Effective learning environment

D-PREP International School is built around the student’s needs so they can learn in a clean, safe, and conducive environment. Our buildings are well-maintained and are surrounded by nature and green areas.

The school also has complete and modern facilities. We have a space dedicated to sports such as football, indoor swimming, basketball, and gymnastics. We also have rooms for extracurricular activities like aerial dance, robotics, digital & design thinking club, etc.

Accessible location

D-PREP International School is conveniently located behind Megabangna. Parents, students, and teachers can access the school through various routes like the Bangna-ChonBuri Expressway / Burapha Withi Expressway, and Bangna-Trad Road.

D-PREP’s accessible location allows parents to go on errands or shopping while waiting to pick up their children. Megabangna also offers recreational areas where children can play, meet, or have a meal after school.
D-PREP Study Program
Experiential Learning & Play-based learning | Reggio Emilia | IB-PYP
Experiential Learning | IB-PYP
Experiential learning | Expeditionary learning
Experiential Learning | Expeditionary learning | AP Program

MS. Lady Didyasarin

School Director
Didyasarin International Preparatory School Bangkok

Dear D-PREP Families,

Welcome to Didyasarin International Preparatory School Bangkok. We are proud to be a new generation school of the American School of Bangkok that first opened as the first international kindergarten in Thailand almost 40 years ago. We hope you will feel excited to be part of a world class international school that has grown from one of the most respected international schools in Thailand. We are so proud to have you join our team of passionate educators who will be working together to make a difference and advancement in progressive international education.


We strive to make our school a community where there is mutual respect and trust, a place that honors individual differences by embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity.

The greatest goal for our school is to nurture the human soul by developing and connecting the mind, heart, body, and spirit as one.

We continuously aim to provide our students and staff with an inspiring learning and work environment, developing in everyone the crucial life skills that will prepare them for happiness and success in the 21st century.

The school also moves forward to keep pace with technology and the challenging demands of its integration in education through our digital literacy and design thinking curriculum. Our school is inspired by progressive pedagogies from around the world such as Reggio Emilia, project-based learning, and the Finnish approach to education. Our pedagogy is centered around experiential learning where trans disciplinary learning is the heart of all learning so that students will be able to see the connection between different subject areas. We are so pleased to have your family join us in creating a constructive and positive learning community together. We wish your children and family an inspiring and meaningful year of happiness and success!

With Gratitude,

Greetings to our D-PREP Community,

I am tremendously excited at the opportunity to be serving as your principal at the D-PREP International School for the upcoming school year. I say serving because my leadership style is built on a foundation of servitude – service to students, staff, parents, and the wider school community. I am looking forward to bringing that ethos to D-PREP and assisting in the professional learning of staff and the continued growth of student achievement.

I have long been a supporter of schools as learning organizations. “A learning organization is a place where the beliefs, values, and norms of the employees are brought to bear in support of sustained learning where a “learning atmosphere,” “learning culture,” or learning climate” is nurtured;” (“What Makes a School a Learning Organization?” OECD, 2016). D-PREP’s focus on expeditionary and experiential learning is new to me, and I look forward to the role of lead learner at the school.

Bob Jackson

School Principal
Didyasarin International Preparatory School Bangkok

A little biographical information about myself is I have over 25 years of experience in school administration in Ontario, Canada, a jurisdiction that has done consistently well over the years on PISA tests. I have an insatiable appetite for school leadership and was a founding member, steering team committee member, and facilitator of the Leading Student Achievement initiative in Ontario. This initiative provided training to principals across the province for over 14 years.

I taught the Principals’ Qualification course for the University of Western Ontario and have been an instructor for International School Leadership and worked with educators from various international schools and jurisdictions throughout the world e.g., Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Qatar, South Africa, Lesotho, Australia, St. Vincent and Grenadines, New Zealand, China, Brazil, and Peru. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to be part of the professional group of educators at DPREP and am looking forward to the year ahead.


Maricar Dorego

Head of Teaching and Learning
Didyasarin International Preparatory School Bangkok

Dear D-PREP Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all parents, students, families and friends of D-Prep.

I feel privileged to be a part of the Leadership Team this year as the school’s Head of Teaching and Learning. This is my 22nd year as an educator in Thailand, and I am thrilled that I am part of a school which puts an emphasis on experiential learning, that encourages students to dream so they can discover their potential and deliver change to our world.

As an educator, I believe that learning has no boundaries and it is our job to create learning experiences, inside and outside the classroom, that enable students to explore ideas and develop skills for them to become engaged, active, compassionate and lifelong global learners. It is my goal to support our teachers and the school community so we can empower our students, not only to develop their skills and abilities, but also to provide a climate of respect and acceptance for every child in order for them to feel safe and secure at school so they can achieve their limitless potential.

At D-Prep, we want to prepare our students for an ever changing and challenging world. Change is constant, so we equip our students with knowledge and skills that will help them face the change and challenges of the ever growing world. Through our rigorous curriculum, our emphasis on life skills instruction and the development of our core values, which is explicitly embedded in our curriculum, we believe that we are developing courageous, adaptable and compassionate individuals who can make a difference in our community and can contribute a positive change to our world.

Together, I am confident that D-Prep will continue to grow and deliver the best education possible for our students.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful year with you all.


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