Didyasarin Tuition Fees and Payments for Academic Year 2020-2021

2020-2021 Tuition Fee

Grade LevelsTuition Fees / Semester *
Nursery (N1-N2)195,000 THB
Kindergarten (K1-K2)230,000 THB
Primary (G1-G5)275,000 THB
Middle (G6-G8)295,000 THB
High (G9-G12)325,000 THB

* There are 2 semesters per School Year

NOTE (1)
i. All fees mentioned above are in Thai Baht, non-refundable and non-transferable
ii. Tuition Fees are inclusive of sports-day shirts, field site visits, and accident insurance
iii. Tuition Fees are not inclusive of ELL Program Fees and yearly Food & Books fees

NOTE (2)
iv. Food & Utilities – 40,000 THB includes all food provided during the regular school day, workbooks, 1 sports day t-shirt, 2 field site visits (K1 and above), accident insurance and 1 yearbook per student (required)
v. ELL Program – 60,000 THB per semester and starts at Grade 1 (optional)

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For new applicants

Apart from tuition fees and other payments mentioned above, there are some initial charges to be made during the application process. These fees must be paid before new applicants start their first term.

REGISTRATION **200,000 THB non-refundable / non-transferable
DEPOSIT 50,000 THB refundable
ADMISSIONS DEPOSIT10,000 THB non-refundable / deductable
DEVELOPMENT FUND ***200,000 THB one time / refundable
20,000 THB annual / non-refundable

**All registration and tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable

School Deposit Policy
The refundable deposit will be returned upon a student’s exit from the school providing the following conditions are met:
The school is given at least a 90-day notice by parents of their intention to leave the school
All textbooks, library books, or borrowed school equipment are returned in good condition
School resources and facilities have not been lost or damaged by the departing student
Payment Instructions: For safety purposes, All tuition payments must be made electronically or via cheque

Admissions Deposit Policy
A 10,000 THB admissions deposit will be required before the parent interview
This amount will be deducted upon payment of the tuition fee. Should the family not pass the interview process for any reason, the school will return this amount to the family.
If the family passes the interview but chooses not to enroll in the school, this amount will not be forfeited.

Development Fund Policy
** Development Fund Payment Options
Option 1: One time payment of 200,000 (refundable)
Option 2: Annual payment of 20,000 (non-refundable)

Development Fund, Refund Policy
The development fund option of 200,000 baht will only be refunded if the student has completed at least 4 academic years of study at Didyasarin
The development fund option of 20,000 annual payment is non-refundable

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