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Summer Camps
Summer Camps

Summer Camps 2023

Every year, we hold annual fun and creative summer camps both for students who normally attend Thai school. Themes and projects offered at each summer camp will be different. Example themes for camps include: English Public Speaking, Sports, Performing Arts.

D-Prep Summer Camps

All our summer camps run from Monday-Friday about 9 AM – 3 PM.

A summer camp is a special program that provides children with a variety of activities and experiences during their summer break. These camps often involve outdoor activities, sports, arts and crafts, and team building exercises.

At D-PREP International School, summer camp is designed to give students the opportunity to experience learning in D-PREP and interact with international students and teachers. The summer camp includes a range of activities such as language classes, club activities, and fieldwork opportunities, all designed to promote learning and personal growth in a fun and engaging environment. Through this experience, students can gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and build valuable skills that will serve them well in their academic and personal lives.

October Camp 2023

The October Camp usually is 4 weeks long and takes place during the month of October.

March-May Summer Camp 2023

The March-May summer camp is usually offered for 10 weeks and consists of Summer Camp Part 1 and Summer Camp Part 2 and takes place during the months of March – May (with 1 week off during Songkran). Parents can opt to enroll their child for a minimum of 5 weeks (either Part 1 or Part 2). However, there are special promotions for students who enroll for the full 10 weeks.

Summer Camp Sample Schedule

Why should students go to summer camp?

Attending D-PREP International School’s summer camp is an excellent opportunity for students for several reasons. Students can experience a unique learning environment that combines academic rigor with a focus on character development and life skills. The camp offers the chance to interact with international students and teachers, which can broaden students’ horizons and help them develop cross cultural competence.

D-PREP’s summer camp also provides a range of engaging and challenging activities, from language classes to fieldwork, that can help students develop new skills and interests through experiential learning. Lastly, the summer camp is a fun and memorable way to spend the summer, making new friends and creating lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is D-PREP’s summer camp open to Thai students?

Yes. D-PREP’s summer camp is open to Thai students.

All ages are welcome to join and experience D-PREP’s summer camp.

D-PREP accepts 2-3 summer camp students per grade level.

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