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Extra Programs
Extra Programs

D-PREP Student Support Services

D-PREP is committed to ensuring that all students are able to access the full curriculum and are provided with any needed support to make progress and to reach standards.

Students who need additional support, or interventions are provided these either by their class teachers or from supplemental push-in or pull-out services.


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(Grade 10-11)

D-PREP International School proudly recognizes and rewards exceptional talent across various disciplines through our scholarship programs. We encourage applications from both current students meeting the selection criteria and prospective students throughout the year.

After school Programs

We believe that our after school programs and extracurricular activities are just as important as the rest of our schedule and daily activities so that our students can become well-rounded individuals, and explore new subjects and arts.

Special Courses

D-PREP offers other programs catered for our full-time students and students from other schools. We also have summer camps for Thai students looking to get into an international school. We have an international summer school that’s filled with fun and engaging classes meant to help students explore their creativity during the summertime.


All group courses consists of 12 classes per course. Students are allowed to miss 2 classes per course that can be made up at a later time. Each course can last up to 14 weeks from the start date.

Weekend School

The weekend program is designed for students who regularly attend Thai schools and wish for their children to have a truly international school learning experience at a fraction of the regular tuition fee of a high quality international school.

Summer Camps

Every year, we hold annual fun and creative summer camps both for students who normally attend Thai school. Themes and projects offered at each summer camp will be different. Example themes for camps include: English Public Speaking, Sports, Performing Arts.

International Summer School

The International Summer School program is for our D-Prep students and also open to students from other international schools. We offer lessons, activities, and themes that help foster your child’s creativity.

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