Where We Are In Place And In Time

Grade 2 documenting one of the Historic sightings in Thonburi Walking Tour

The study of history is important because it allows one to make more sense of the current world. The second unit of inquiry developed naturally from our first unit, in which we studied the origins of Thai music and musical instruments.

It was an eye-opener for all the grade 2 students, as they learned that other countries had inspired the designs of most Thai musical instruments that exist in modern-day Thailand.

For their second unit of inquiry, Where we are in Place and Time, grade 2 students decided to investigate other features of Thai culture.

In order to further understand the cultural diaspora that contributed to present-day Thailand.

Our inquiry focused on global perspectives and cultural fusion.

Our fieldwork took place in a

fascinating area of Bangkok. The Thonburi neighborhood was selected because it offers a unique view of the many ‘stories’ that have contributed to the culture of Thailand.

Our exploration began outside of Wat Kalayanamit, and ended in Lhong 1919, a nearby historic port and warehouse.

It was an exciting day, and I was proud of the students’ ability to gather evidence and make observations at all the sites that we investigated.

In the days that followed their fieldwork, as they discussed the data and observations.

The students came to the consensus that religion seems to be an important cultural feature that is not limited by geographical boundaries.

From there, they took the initiative to investigate several

religions from around the world, to further understand people and their beliefs. Each student chose one religion, researching, creating, and presenting their findings to the class.

In an attempt to investigate material and non-material contributions to Thai culture, their exploration and natural curiosity expanded their quest to involve several cultures around the world.

Helping them understand that their historic pathways are more complex than they appeared at first glance.

Grade 2 now has a deeper appreciation for their fascinating culture, country, and kin. And I now have an even deeper admiration for their ability to seek out the answers to their own queries, regarding the wonders of this complex world.