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25 May 2024

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Virtual Learning at Didyasarin

Virtual Learning at Didyasarin

Virtual / Online Learning challenge

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted the world more than we could imagine.  Establishments, institutions, communities, cities and eventually countries were forced to lock down and declare a state of emergency.  Schools worldwide were pressured to come up with solutions to continue learning and teaching. Online Learning has become a phenomenon in schools.

Though not a new concept, Online Learning has been around, implemented and utilized at secondary and university levels. It has been an effective means of delivering content and extending learning engagements in different communities.  The biggest challenge is visualizing it at a much critical stage, early years and primary levels.

Our Virtual Learning Plan

Didyasarin has looked at many possibilities using examples from other institutions.  The most daunting task is to deliver learning and teaching engagements that are appropriate at all levels.  At Didyasarin, we believe that student-centered learning is the core of our academic framework. Developing and delivering lessons that are relevant and engaging is our top priority.

With a very short amount of time, the pedagogical team drafted a Virtual Learning Policy that reflects the beliefs of Didyasarin. Developing a virtual teaching and learning plan that is substantial and effective is our goal.  Hence, the Didyasarin Virtual Learning Policy was created, presented and finally implemented on March 19th.

Our pedagogical team came up with the structure, framework, and guidelines of each learning engagement.  Many considerations were addressed during the policy drafting process: timeline, resources, training and most importantly, the needs and capabilities of our students.

Didyasarin’s virtual schedule resembles the timetable of each class. Lessons are delivered according to a weekly frequency. Students have live and recorded engagements using Google Suite.

Virtual Learning Training for Teachers and Parents

After the policy was finalized, it was presented to the teaching staff and communicated the expectations associated with virtual learning.  Coaches trained in learning the apps and programs to equip them to deliver quality of virtual learning experience.

Our coaches worked extremely hard in ensuring that they are versed and proficient at using applications and programs needed.

Our parents and families had to also be included in the training process.  We are fortunate that we were able to gather the community and learn to navigate our virtual learning program.  Students from Nursery level and up had to log into Google classroom to connect to their respective homeroom classes.

Lessons are delivered in live and recorded formats using Google Meet. It was imperative that the students stay connected with the members of the school community.  Most importantly, it was crucial that teaching and learning continue during this difficult time.

Virtual Learning in Action

We are very ecstatic about how the school community responded to and received our virtual learning program.  We are elated with the efficiency and effectiveness of the set-up we have created. We are fortunate with the dedication, hard work, and commitment our coaches have embodied during this time.

We are impressed with the technological proficiency our students are demonstrating. Most importantly, we are honored to belong to a community that is resilient, adaptable and open-minded. If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it is to be prepared for any challenges ahead of us.  And in facing any challenges, we can do everything together.

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