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5 June 2024

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Available now! 5 June 2024
Pegasus Football Team has Taken off

Pegasus Football Team has Taken off

Teamwork, resilience, effort and courage, these are some of the values that sports promote. Football is not an exception.

Learning the skills, tactics, strategies, and making the team run like a perfect machine takes time – sometimes even years.

However, with the support from the Paris Saint-Germain Academy coaches and the D-Prep team – students, teachers, the management team, and of course families – our D-Prep Pegasus Football Team has started to fly.

We had our first tournament for both Under-7 and Under-11 teams at ASB Green Valley on the 26th and 27th of September.

It was a joy to see our players and families together, celebrating not only the goals scored but also every kick,

block or tackle. During this tournament, both teams tasted the flavour of victory. The Under-7 team were victorious in their match against the Juventus Academy, and the Under-11 team won over ASB Green Valley in a neck to neck match.

To add on to these spectacular events, the Under-7 team received the Fair Play Trophy for their category.

I believe this prize is not only for our players but also for the whole D-Prep family.

We exceptionally showcased our core values, and no one stopped cheering for our teams and even our fellow opponents.

Thank you so much for your constant support.

We learnt a lot from this tournament. This experience helped us to identify the next steps

we should take to gear up for the coming challenges. The first of the many upcoming challenges came from the collaboration between ASB and D-Prep: the first edition of the Turkey Cup.

The idea behind the Turkey Cup is to have an annual tri-team tournament consisting of ASB Sukhumvit, ASB Green Valley and D-Prep battle it out over multiple age groups to see who is the best ASB/D-Prep family football school.

We commenced with the Under-11 event at ASB Sukhumvit on the 19th of November.

Once again, the support from the families and staff was stunning.

Our students tried their best, and even when we could not win any match this time, we could see a notable improvement in the team.

Pegasus Football Team

Players have a better knowledge of their tasks in different positions; they were more active and focused on the game, and they showed new and improved skills like dribbling and shooting.

Also, our goalkeepers showed a significant
improvement by making some extraordinary blocks. As always, a lot of learning outcomes and

various experiences for our players. Remember that the Turkey Cup is not over yet, and the games for Under-9 and Under-7 teams will take place after the Christmas break – TBA.

The training for our teams will continue during the next semester. We are working towards some

exciting changes during the training. We look forward to seeing you in the forthcoming events of the Turkey Cup and the future tournaments to come for our teams.

The Pegasus has taken off, and now our target is to reach for the sky – GO D-PREP PEGASUS!

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