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5 June 2024

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Field trip to Rangsit Science Center for Education

Field trip to Rangsit Science Center for Education

On Wednesday 21st November, 2018, Grade 1 went on a field trip to Rangsit Science Center for Education. This learning experience was part of their current PBL project about the solar system. When we arrived in the morning, we were greeted at the entrance by staff members and invited to look through a special telescope at the sun.

Testing a Telescope

Testing a telescope

When we went inside, we took some time to walk around the Science Center and explore the various displays and models. The students also got to experience what the surface of the moon looks and feels like. Grade 1 posed for some astronaut pictures before heading to the onsite planetarium to watch a multimedia audiovisual film about astronomy, Polaris. We learned about astronauts, the planets and moons, and space travel during this hour long movie.

Kids explore the various displays and models
students learned about astronauts

After lunch, the students completed a quick worksheet to record their new knowledge and draw pictures before exploring the indoor playground area. Grade 1 really enjoyed their day out and gained some valuable knowledge and experience.

record their new knowledge
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