D-PREP Family Outbound: Strengthening the Parent and Child Relationship

D-PREP Family Outbound at Vana Nava, Hua Hin

At D-PREP International School, we highly value family. As a school that focuses on the holistic growth of students, we understand the significant role that parents play in their children’s education. Children can take risks and do better in school when given the proper support. In line with our values of family and desire to strengthen the bond between families and community, D-PREP organized a family outbound last November 19-20 at Vana Nava Resort, Hua Hin.

This outbound was designed to align with the school’s CO-CREATORS values. D-PREP teachers and staff prepared activities that challenged the families to be courageous, open-minded, compassionate, resilient, ethical, adaptable, thankful, optimistic, respectful, and self-aware.

Family posing at smiling at Vana Nava
Family at Vana Nava
D-PREP family near slides at Vana Nava

To start the day, the parents gathered at school for a morning briefing on how the family outbound was designed to give parents a D-PREP students’ outbound. 

After the briefing, everyone went to Vana Nava and had fun afternoon activities. They were all given different challenges related to the CO-CREATORS values. 

In the evening, everyone donned creative outfits for the costume party with the theme “Hippie.” They also participated in exciting indoor games. 

Hippie themed costume
Outbound evening activity
D-PREP mothers playing

The family outbound continued the next day with more activities. This time, the parents and students were placed in separate rooms. The parents had a discussion with the leadership team while the students had more fun games with the teachers.

Outbound morning activities
D-PREP families at Hua Hin

The event ended with parents and students coming together to engage in one last activity. We are happy to see everyone have a good time. Thank you for coming. See you at the next family outbound!

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