High School Program

The D-PREP High School Program is based on the Expeditionary Learning whole school design model. This model focuses on delivering student achievement across three dimensions: Mastery of Skills and knowledge, character development, and authentic high-quality student work. 

D-PREP High School students in classroom

Key Components of our High School Program

  • Rigorous academic program linked to real world applications and positive impact on their community and the world
  • Small, personalized learning environments in classrooms and across the school;
  • Students’ progress and development are supported in partnership with with advisors/crew leaders who stay with them across multiple years.
  • Internships or mentorships in key areas of interest in the Grade 11/12
  • Diverse offerings, such as Design-thinking, Presentation & Performance Skills, and Global Impact.
  • We offer a wide offering of Advanced Placement courses, including the AP Capstone Diploma program which is designed to be academically rigorous and develops independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills. AP Capstone is centered on two AP courses — AP Seminar and AP Research — which are designed to complement and enhance the in-depth, discipline-specific study experienced in other AP courses. A minimum of 6 AP courses are required to obtain the AP Capstone Diploma.

D-PREP Life skills framework in high school

Self-awareness and management 

  • Learning about what drives you, your passions
  • How to regulate your thoughts and emotions to manage the demanding challenges of high school

Awareness of Others and Relationship management

  • Working with mentors and internships
  • Collaborative work with professional skill sets
  • Crew advisory
  • Development of international mindedness and global perspective


  • Meaning
    Exploring different careers and beginning to identify what professions bring meaning and purpose to the individual 
  • Money
    Map out goals for higher education and a career that will provide for financial needs 
    Explore concepts of personal and business financial management


An academic program that delivers mastery in our 3 dimensions of student achievement. Mastery of Skills and knowledge, character, and authentic high-quality student work. 

Active citizenship 

  • Service learning projects
  • Professional high-quality work that makes the world a better place
  • Exploring the personal practice of being a global citizen

Highlights of our High School Program

Strong academics

Creative and critical thinking skills

Public speaking and presentation skills

Experiential learning & Fieldwork

Digital Literacy & Design Thinking

Sports and ECA opportunities

Life Skills Curriculum

Active contributors to the community

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