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20 March 2024

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Available now! 20 March 2024
Where learning is an enjoyable
lifelong journey of self-discovery.
Every success begins with a dream …
... Discover your potential to deliver positive change to the world.

Experiential Learning
& Life Skills

Our philosophy of education

Academic Rigor

From innovative pedagogies
from around the world

History & University /
Career Preparation

Experienced leadership team
to prepare our students

Long history

Heritage in experience
for management team

Experiential Learning & Play-based learning | Reggio Emilia | IB-PYP
Experiential Learning | IB-PYP
Experiential learning | Expeditionary learning
Experiential Learning | Expeditionary learning | AP Program
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Our Journey
Our Pedagogy
We promote experiential learning, where students ask questions, learn to trust themselves, and receive guidance from our teachers. In our supportive, failure-embracing environment, mistakes are celebrated as valuable learning opportunities.
Our Cares
We prioritize our students' well-being, happiness, and success in both school and life. We're dedicated to helping them uncover their unique talents and passions, fostering a safe and nurturing environment for personal growth.
Our Achievements
Our students thrive in academics and a range of talents, from sports to arts. We inspire them to excel academically, discover their unique talents, and achieve success in national and international competitions.
Our Location
We're conveniently situated in the Megabangna community, providing easy access for parents to drop off and pick up students, as well as convenient highway connectivity for those living in other areas.
Our Curriculum
We use the K-12 American curriculum for academic subjects, Ontario curriculum for special subjects, IB PYP for nursery to Grade 5, expeditionary learning in middle school, and a comprehensive program from college preparation to AP in high school.
Our Teachers
Our diverse, globally recruited teachers are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential and consider them part of our school family.
XCL Education
We are proud members of XCL Education, an international education organization headquartered in Singapore, offering students opportunities for meaningful experiences, including XCL Dialogues, competitions, and collaborative learning.
ASB Partner
We are a sister school with XCL American School of Bangkok and our schools share resources in terms of leadership, systems, professional development, and teaching and learning resources.
School Activities & Events
National Science Museum Grade 2
Our curious grade 2 students embarked on an exciting journey at the National Science Museum.
Bangkok Kids International Fashion Week 2023
Two of our stunning middle school students, Marc and Jessica, rocked the runway at the Bangkok Kids International Fashion Week 2023
Swimming Friendly Match
Our D-PREP primary swim team, featuring our swimmers Gaow, Gene, Baipat, Bella, Shogun, Karlo, and Bambam, made a splash at the AISAA Primary Swim Friendly held at KIS on November 7th!
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“At our school, we teach students to understand themselves, as it is the most direct way for them to thrive in their lives and the world.”
Mrs.Lady Didyasarin Tavedikul
School Director

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