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Leadership Activities at the Outbound Trip
Written by Nannalin Pornprasertsom
(Fleur), Grade 5 student

I will write about when I was rappelling on the second day during my Outbound Trip. Rappelling helped me move outside of my comfort zone.

First, we put on our helmets, harnesses, and ropes. This was new equipment and it felt a little scary.

I waited while my friends tried the challenge before I got to try the real thing because there was practice training. I felt nervous while I was waiting.

Second, I climbed the tall and steep ladder to the cliff. Ms. Amy and Mr. Javier were at the top to give encouragement.

I watched Jessie go down since she was before me. I was worried she would fall.

Finally, It was my turn to go. Khun B reviewed the steps to repel. The cliff was really steep and it was very scary.

After a few minutes, it felt less terrifying when I got the hang of it.

Before long, I had reached the ground and I went to join the others who had already finished.

We talked about how challenging it was. It felt good to talk about it with my friends.

Rappelling was a new experience for me but it was very fun and I want to do it again.

I showed leadership skills when I stepped out of my comfort zone because I am a little bit scared of heights but it felt nice to overcome this fear.

Grade 5 students showing no signs of fear and being brave enough to climb this tall steep ladder, Outbound Trip
Grade 5 student showing no signs of fear and being brave enough to climb this tall steep ladder, Outbound Trip

Leadership Activities at the Outbound Trip
Written by Tamnapat Wongtanutam
(Tamma), Grade 6 student

I will write about leadership activities I experienced during the D-PREP outbound trip at Ratchaburi. I went there for three day and there is a lot for me to share with you.

When we arrived at the camp, everyone in the class needed to work together to set up the tents.

At first, it did not go well because everyone was talking over each other and not listening to other people’s ideas and suggestions.

After a while, the teacher gave us some advice by telling us to work together and follow the instructions. That made everyone work as a team and finally finished setting up that first tent.

After setting up the first tent together, we split up into small groups, and boys and girls should be mixed

up. At the end, every group finished quickly and it went well.

On monday night, we went into the forest and did a night walk. It was scary because it was dark and we were not allowed to use flashlights.

It was also my first time doing something like this so I needed to step out of my comfort zone. We walked in the forest together then we took turns to walk to the bench by ourselves.

The most challenging part for me was when I had to walk through the forest by myself. I was scared at first but when I reached the bench I felt safe and I actually wanted to do it again!

The next day, we did a lot of activities to step

out of our comfort zone. The activity I’m going to talk about is repelling because it was the most challenging one for me.

When I was up there on the tower, I was very scared and when I started to come down I could feel my heart beating very fast.

However, when I came halfway down I felt safe and more confident to repel.

There are a lot more leadership activities that I didn’t talk about and if you want to discover them, you will have to go there by yourself.

These are the activities I enjoyed and I really want you to try it too!

Grade 5 and 6 students with their teachers in this Outbound Trip to Camp Ratchanaburi
Grade 5 and 6 students with their teachers in this Outbound Trip to Camp Ratchanaburi
A photo taken of the tents setup courtesy of our Grade 5 and 6 students, Outbound Trip

Leadership Activities at the Camp
Written by Punnita Polchiangdee
(PunPun), Grade 6 student

Today I’ll be writing about leadership skills during our D-prep Outbound Trip. There are many activities that I want to share.

I hope you enjoy reading this!

The first leadership skill that I worked on was to step out from my comfort zone by setting up the tents with my classmates.

This was a challenging activity because we had to work together. Everybody had to talk to each other.

The boys talked to the girls and the girls talked to the boys.

This was very challenging and I went out of my comfort zone.

The second thing that I wanted to talk about was that I had to do rock climbing, when I saw other classmates do it, it looked like it was easy but when I tried it was so hard, It injured my finger so badly.

I didn’t make it all the way to the top but I tried my best. I almost made it to the top.

Finally, the last thing that I’ll talk about is the cooking.

This one was really fun but I was so hungry during that time. I made the broccoli and garlic dish with Fleur and Jessica. This time I didn’t really help

other groups cause I was focusing on my own thing.

I moved out of my comfort zone by cooking something new. I have only cooked eggs and french fries before.

This is the leadership skills that I learnt at the campsite. During our outbound trip I learned new leadership skills like how to be adaptable and be more social.

I also learned to be more courageous. Thank You for reading!

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