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5 June 2024

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Available now! 5 June 2024
We are the D-PREP Vloggers

We are the D-PREP Vloggers

YouTube is a video-sharing platform that is easily accessible to children.

It is not unusual for kids to be exposed to the social media platform as young as a few months old, as parents often use YouTube as a resource for songs and cartoons.

Therefore, generally, children are familiar with how YouTube works and can navigate the platform very easily.

D-PREP students working together-1

The aim of the YouTube club is to get children into the mindset of creating video content instead of just consuming it. In the club, we discuss what the creators’ side of the platform looks like.

There is more to YouTube than just uploading videos–there are thumbnails, titles, descriptions, intros, calls to action, tags, advertisements, and the like that must also be considered.

We dubbed the YouTube club, “The D-Prep Vloggers”, and in our first few meetings we learned how to be comfortable behind and in front of the camera. We didn’t worry about fancy lighting and microphones.

We simply just used the iPad–a tool that, again, many children are already familiar with. We used the app iMovie and made movie trailers, switching roles between director and actor.

As a YouTuber, branding is important, as it becomes your online identity. We examined different brands and noticed that logos are an integral part of identifying brands. Logos must be catchy, colorful, and easy to recognize, even when it is small.

We created our own logos based on the criteria we identified.

D-PREP student

Vlogging, short for ‘video blogging’, is a genre of YouTube content that is all about storytelling. Vlogging can be different things.

Sometimes it is sitting in one spot and talking about an event. Sometimes it is following someone’s travels.

Sometimes it is eating, or unboxing, or reviewing a movie. If it tells a story, it is a vlog.

In the next coming months, we will integrate storytelling into our videos. We will implement storyboarding as we discuss elements of stories, character building, plot, and settings.

Our YouTube channel is online! Just search for “D-Prep Vloggers” on YouTube and you will come across our content!

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