The King IX Memorial Ceremony and Celebration of Learning

Event Date: October 16, 2020

The King IX Memorial Ceremony and Celebration of Learning was done with all of our students and their classes, Nursery to Grade 6.  They showed their project work and processes from the first Unit of Inquiry. For the King IX Memorial Ceremony, the Thai teaching staff, Ms. Noi and Ms. Waew, lead the creation of a beautiful and moving tribute by our students to the late King Rama IX. The students truly understand the innovative and powerful contributions that he made to Thai culture and our entire community.

Later, our students shared the following fabulous and meaningful explorations with parents across the grades:

  • Nursery (all classes) – Who We Are? ​(Similarities and differences between us)
  • Kindergarten 1 – How We Organize Ourselves? (​Plantlife and community in honor of King Rama IX) 
  • Kindergarten 2 – Who We Are? (​How food evolved under the royal projects of King Rama IX)
  • Grade 1 – How We Express Ourselves? (Imagination is a powerful tool to create, express ourselves, and solve problems)
  • Grade 2 – How We Express Ourselves? (Music is an art form and a culturally identifiable activity)
  • Grade 3rd/4th – How We Organize Ourselves?​ (How King Rama IX planned services for Thailand)
  • Grade 5th/ 6th – How We Organize Ourselves? ​(Infection Detection in the Spirit of King Rama IX)

The parents visited their child’s classroom to learn more and watch the videos made to exemplify the work the students did surrounding their projects. After, the parents went to two other classrooms to visit and learn about other projects that went on during the quarter in other sections.

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