Students Showcase Their Artistic Skills in XCL Got Talent

Dprep students in XCL Got Talent

In line with the school’s goals to nurture academic excellence and artistic skills in students, D-PREP held a competition with XCL called XCL Got Talent. The contest saw an array of talented students performing songs from the popular musical, The Greatest Showman. 

Eleven contestants participated in the competition, showcasing their unique talents and abilities.

Ping Ping, a grade 8 student, kicked off the night with an interpretative dance to the song “Never Enough.” Liv, also in grade 8, followed with a beautiful rendition of the same song, hitting the notes to a thunderous applause.

Dprep student pie speaking to judges

Jessica, another grade 8 student, performed “This is Me,” demonstrating the powerful vocals that she has been honing for almost a decade. Naki, a grade 6 student, impressed the judges with her singing and dancing to the same song. 

Dprep students pie and mona dancing

Mona, a grade 5 student, brought her love of K-pop style dancing to her interpretation of “This is Me,” While Pie, a grade 6 student, showcased her passion for hip-hop.

Dprep student Pleng singing on stage

Bella, a grade 3 student, took everyone’s breath away with her aerial silks performance to “Never Enough.” Mimi’s graceful interpretative dance to “A Million Dreams” amazed the audience. Pleng, who has been singing for seven years, performed the same song soulfully. 

Dprep student cream doing a gymnastics dance on stage

Cream, a grade 7 student, wowed the judges with her gymnastics performance of “This is Me.” And Puifai, a grade 6 student, closed the night with a beautiful piano rendition of “A Million Dreams.”

Dprep student Puifai showing her rendition of A Million Dreams

We’re extremely proud of the students who gave their all!. We can’t wait to see the winners perform in international XCL talent competitions. 

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