Student Life

D-PREP has a range of student leadership opportunities through both clubs and teams.  We have sports teams in football, swimming, basketball, and dance/ gymnastics.  We also have a debate team and a digital, design-thinking team.  For clubs, we offer a wide variety of activities, from Cooking to Thai Kwon Do and from Creative Exploration to Blogging.

Life at D-PREP

In addition, students help to plan and implement a variety of community service initiatives linked to their Units of Inquiry, whether it is solving the issue of recycling in our school and larger community or coming up with new innovative ideas for creating a more sustainable world.

Finally, we have a house team structure that promotes school pride and has each team working together to earn house points.  This team spirit for our Houses of Dragon, Unicorn, Phoenix and Griffin builds cross-grade level relationships in our students and promotes positivity across our school.