Finnish Education Workshop

A Visit from Finnish Education Experts D-PREP was very fortunate to have been visited by two Finnish educators, Ms. Johanna Jarvinen-Taubert and Mr. Yuha Lahtinan, from Learning Scoop, a Finnish education organization during this school year 2018-2019. Ms. Johanna and Mr. Yuha had the opportunity to visit and observe all our D-PREP classrooms in action …

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Finnish Workshop Speakers

Field Trip to BACC

A trip to BACC with Grade 1 and 3 The Grade 1 and Grade 3 learners went on a field trip to the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center. The BACC is currently displaying artwork as part of the Bangkok Art Biennale, a city wide art event, displaying the works of over seventy-five artists from thirty-four …

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D-Prep Grade 1 and 3 Students in BACC

Halloween Celebration 2018

The sounds of trick or treat filled D-PREP’s halls as costumed kids and adults celebrated Halloween. Our event started with Halloween performances from all grade levels, followed by a Family fashion show, and ended with haunted games from our very own D-PREP Parents Association. All parents and staff instantly transformed into a ghastly creatures with …

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D-PREP Halloween

Family Involvement

Parent-School Partnership At D-PREP, we believe that only through a cooperative and supportive partnership with parents can our school do our best in providing for the best learning experience for our students. To ensure that parents are informed and aligned with the school’s educational practices, D-PREP requires parents to attend specific educational seminars throughout the …

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dprep ft family - Family Involvement

Performing Arts

The Didyasarin and Tavedikul’s families have extensive background in national television and performance. We produced the first children’s TV news program “Jiew Jaew Jok Lok” and talent contest “Top Star Parade” which was on air on Channel 3 and won numerous national awards and more recently “Superstar”, the reality celebrity competition on Channel 9. Because …

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D-PREP Performing Arts

21st Century Skills

Children today are in more than ever to develop 21st century skills in order to successfully and happily thrive in today’s modern world. Technology has drastically changed how society functions and has largely impacted the modern lifestyle. This rapidly changing world although challenging brings with it so many opportunities for children today. They can end …

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dprep ft 21st centruy skills - 21st Century Skills

Charity Work

SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION D-PREP puts cultivating compassion in our students and contribution to others as one of our priorities and so we organize various charity events such as change drives, bake sales, and art auction that raise funds towards our annual charity campaign. At the end of the school year, we organize a fieldtrip where our …

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dprep ft charity work - Charity Work