The first ever musical production of D-PREP International School is a culmination of the school’s performing arts program.  Performing Arts has been one of the unique features of D-PREP.  The musical production itself was the main showcase of the 4 branches of D-PREP performing arts: Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts.  These pillars worked harmoniously throughout the year in events and performances in ensuring that children can showcase their abilities and talents.  

Mr. Alex brought in his visual creativity in this year’s Lion King musical.  He was  a visionary in delivering the story through costume and visuals.  He was meticulous in selecting fabrics, prints and in the design and creation of props. Throughout the year, students have been exploring and learning about elements of Dance, Music and Drama.  This allowed the performing directors (Miss Kim, Miss Tania and Mr. Lewis) to plan out the scenes and to assign musical numbers and roles to the different classes and students.  Miss Kim was instrumental in the choreography and movement of performers.  Through her dance classes, she taught the students how movements are created, manipulated and executed.  Miss Tania was crucial in understanding the characters and roles in the story.  She worked in ensuring that the students were able to embody characters they were assigned to portray.  Mr. Lewis was essential in making sure that the musical numbers were executed well.  He worked endlessly so that the students have the confidence to tell a story through songs. 

Our students of course were the main highlight of the production.  Involving all of our students in a production is not an easy task.  The students showed a great deal of patience, hard work and perseverance.  In the end, our main goal was to make every child realize their potential.  We are truly proud of our students for giving their heart and soul into this project. 

As a school community, this taught us a valuable lesson.  We all have different roles in the community, each role is import and special.  Without each other, we are nothing.  Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; and working together is success.”