The K2 graduation and awards ceremony

the K2 graduation and awards ceremony

On Friday, June 7 th , 2019, the K2 graduation and awards ceremony took place. The theme was red carpet, so all arrived dressed to impress. Every one of our families, from nursery to grade three attended the event, and there were lovely celebratory performances by grades K1 to grade 3. Following the ceremony there was a potluck lunch, which was shared with all the students and school community.


Celebrating our students’ achievements at a graduation ceremony is excellent for their self-esteem. It teaches them about transitions, and completing different stages in life. Saying good-bye to nursery and kindergarten school, and moving to primary, is a significant milestone.
Kindergarten graduation ceremonies teach children about change, as they begin a new chapter of their life. It also teaches them that change can be a positive experience, which is very important.Children grow and develop so much during these early years, and these ceremonies are a great way of celebrating this. A kindergarten graduation marks an important transition period. It is a chance to reflect on their wonderful journey so far.

Although opportunities to graduate from university may seem like a long way off, a kindergarten graduation sows the seeds in the child’s mind, and indeed in the parents’ minds, to aid in raising children’s aspirations.
A kindergarten graduation and award ceremony represents the first milestone in a child’s educational journey, so celebrating it helps them to learn how important their education is.

It may seem like at such a young age that they have not completed much scholastically, but in reality, nursery and kindergarten has helped them to develop many important social and academic skills, which will benefit them during the next level of their education. Praising them for these achievements will encourage them to do their best throughout their entire educational journey.

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