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Official Letter: COVID-19 Update

Subject: COVID-19 Update
Date: April 29, 2021
Reference: D-PREP 2020-2021-087

Dear D-PREP Families, 

As the government has announced continued closure of schools until at least May 9, 2020 and the numbers of cases have not decreased, D-PREP will continue virtual learning for the week of May 3-7.

Please note that there is no school (no virtual learning) on May 3 and 4, as we have both a national holiday and a teacher PD day during these two days. Virtual learning will resume on Wednesday, May 5.

We will again re-evaluate the situation next week and issue a letter to our families by next Thursday, updating families on the plans for the week of May 10th.

CONTINUATION OF VIRTUAL LEARNING:  Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we will plan for the following options during the week of May 3-7:

  1. There is no school (virtual learning) on May 3 and 4, as we have both a national holiday and a teacher PD day during these two days.  
  2. K2 – Grade 6 – Students will continue in virtual learning next week, May 5th – 7th; 
  3. Nursery to K1 – As we have no more summer make up days possible, Nursery and K1 students will have to join virtual learning from May 5-7. However, should virtual learning continue into the week of May 10th -14th, we will contact nursery and K1 families by May 6th if we are able to offer any other possible learning options.  

We are fully preparing for the possibility of coming back to school on May 10th, but we have to wait for the latest update by the Ministry of Education before we are able to re-open.

SCHOOL EVENTS UPDATES: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the required school premise closure, some school events have been rescheduled for later this academic year. (Date changes from our last school letter are highlighted in red color.)

  • School Yearbook & Photo Day (postponed – new date announced depending on the length of school closure)
  • April 28th – Parent/Staff and Student Basketball Event with ASB Sukhumvit (cancelled)
  • April 30th – Sports Day and International Food Festival (cancelled)
  • May 21st – Frozen Musical and Moana Showcase (postponed to June 8th)
  • June 10th – K2 Graduation and End of School Year Celebrations/ Awards Ceremony  ● June 10th – Last Day of School


During this time, each family has credit for food and the after-school program that is not being used due to virtual learning. As many underprivileged people in Thailand are suffering the negative impacts of the pandemic, such as having a shortage of food and other essential items.

The Leadership Team will be discussing with our D-PREP student council donating our charity funds (Change for Change) to assist those in need during this time.

This may include children and adults in need at orphanages, temples, or hospitals. If any family would like to donate any amount of your food or afterschool credit from this school closure period, please fill in this credit donation form. (Please reply back our form by May 5, 2021) https://forms.gle/17o2kBejwvD2qud3A

If you have questions about your credit or this charity drive, please feel free to contact the front office at 02-105-1757 ext. 0.


It is advisable that families avoid non-essential travels out of Bangkok, stay home as much as possible during this time, continue to practice social distancing as a form of compassion for one another, and emphasize personal hygiene, use masks, and hand-sanitizers/ hand-washing.

If you get sick or experience flu-like symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately. If you come in close contact or contract COVID-19, please inform the school immediately. Please stay safe everyone.

We are happy to report to the whole community that Mr. Masaru is home from the hospital and doing well, and he will return to teaching virtual classes during the week of May 5th – 7th.

We thank you so much for your understanding and support in these challenging times.


D-PREP Leadership Team

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