Field trip to the Rajamangala National Stadium

Grade 1’s current IB Unit of Inquiry is How the world works. Our central idea is, people contribute to society in a number of ways, through their occupation. We have embarked upon an eight week project and learning journey to find out as much as we possibly can about a variety of occupations. So far, we have had a number of guest speakers who came to our school to share their occupations with us. We are very thankful to them because we learned a great deal. More recently, Grade 1 visited the National Sports Museum and Hall of Fame at the Rajamangala National Stadium. This field trip was a collaboration with our P. E teacher. 

Grade 1 learned all about sporting occupations such as football, rugby, sailing, Olympics, boxing, Muay Thai, and race car driving. The students explored the museum and it’s wealth of sporting memorabilia. They even saw sailing apparel and equipment donated by the late King Rama IX. The students stopped to ask their tour guide lots of questions. This information, along with their sketches and drawings, was recorded on our worksheets. We were even lucky enough to be allowed onto the grass field inside the stadium itself. The 50,000 seater stadium was very impressive indeed! Before leaving, we had just enough time to visit the Olympic and diving pools. This learning experienced proved to be inspirational, enjoyable, and valuable to our first graders.