The field trip to the the Monet to Kandinsky exhibition was a chance for the students to experience the work of some of the most influential European artists of the twentieth century. The exhibition itself was a very unique experience as it presented the artwork in a new way via cutting edge digital technology, projections, animated graphics and sound.


In the lead up to the exhibition the students spent time studying different artworks by the artists featured in the exhibition. The students learnt about Monet, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Klee and Kandinsky. A lot of the paintings we looked at were made with materials there are available to us at school, watercolour paints, oil pastels, cardboard and brown paper. This was important as it showed the students that great artworks can be made from relatively simple materials and allowed the students to focus on the techniques of the artists, the marks made, the colours and the shapes in the artworks.

During our visit to the exhibition the students were excited when they recognised an artwork we had studied. The students at first were mesmerised by the whole interactive experience of the exhibition. Sitting in the room we became immersed in these paintings as they rotated, spun and danced across the walls and ceiling of the gallery. For many of the students this was their first experience of such an installation.

On returning back to school the students spent time to create their own artwork that encompassed their experience and feelings of the exhibition. Each student took away a unique experience of the whole exhibition, some of the students described the moving walls as ‘being inside an elevator that is moving up and down’ others said it gave them goosebumps. Some of the students made drawings of the shapes and colours they remembered. The whole experience was a great introduction to these amazing artists and their artworks and the students are excited to learn more about them.