DPREP-2020-080 Summer Review Program Update

Subject: Summer Review Program Update
Date: May 30, 2020
Reference: DPREP-2020-080

Dear Families,

As per the Ministry of Education’s announcement yesterday on May 29, 2020, the government
has decided against the opening of schools in the month of June and will allow for reopening of
all schools on July 1st. Please be aware that if there are no further changes upon the
government mandate, our summer review program will be arranged as below:

The summer review program will be arranged for all students on July 1-July 21 without closing
on the national holidays during this period. We need to request all families who plan to join our
summer review program to self-quarantine at least 14 days prior to July 1st by staying in the
Bangkok area and avoiding crowded public areas.

However, to ensure safety and adequate social distancing of all learning activities, we will be
holding the summer review program for our N1-K2 in the Dream building and will be separating
the G1-G4 group in the new Discover building. The classrooms and canteen in the Discover
building will be ready for use before July.

Revised Summer Review Program Information:

Summer Review Program: Group 1 (Grades N1-K2), Group 2 (Grades G1-G4)
Dates: (July 1 – July 21), (July 1 – July 21)
Time: (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM), (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM)
Location: Dream Building
(drop off at main entrance in
front of Dream building)

Should the national situation on COVID-19 change again or if we are not able to host this
summer review session on July 1st as explained above, we will immediately update you.

We understand that it has been very challenging for our families and community with all the
changes that have been happening and we thank you for our adaptability, patience, and

We miss you and all our students dearly and can’t wait to have them back at school again.

Didyasarin Leadership Team

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