DPREP-2020-079 Summer Review Program

Subject: Summer Review Program
Date: May 25, 2020
Reference: DPREP-2020-079

Dear Parents,

Due to the significant reduction in COVID-19 cases in Thailand the past few weeks,
the Ministry of Education had recently announced that there is a likelihood that
they will allow international schools to open in June instead of July 1st for Thai
schools. The main reasons for this are the smaller class sizes and more spacious
classrooms in international schools as well as the fact that international schools
have been ordered closure since mid-March whereas Thai schools have only closed
since May. The Ministry of Education is concerned about the social and emotional
well-being of international school children who have been isolated since March.
However, they do stress that if international schools do open in June, they
recommend staggering school days, times, or groups so that schools will be able to
better control the safety in transitioning back to school. Also, schools that open in
June onwards will have to submit the required documentation and be subjected to
inspection by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. The Ministry of
Health will be coming for a thorough inspection at our school this June 12th prior to
the opening of our summer review program.

The self-declaration and self-quarantine agreement form will be emailed to all
parents by this Wednesday, May 27th. We ask that this form is signed and emailed
back to us by June 1st.

For this reason, we feel that it will be a safer option for our school to break the
summer review session into two groups. We are planning for the K2-G4 levels to
start the 3-week summer review program earlier than our Nursery-K1 children. In
this way, there will be fewer students at the school at one time. We realize that the
survey we had sent out last week stated that the summer review program will be
held on July 1st so for grades K2-G4, so our admin staff will call all K2-G4 families for
confirmation of attendance in this new program timeline. Please be aware that the
summer review teacher will most likely not be your current homeroom teacher.
The leadership team will ensure the proper coordination of the scope and sequence
of materials to be covered between your current teacher and the summer teacher.

Please see below:
Summer Review Program: Group 1 (Grades K2-G4) Group 2 (Grades N1-K1)
Dates: (June 15 – July 3), (July 6 – July 24)
Time: (9:00 AM -2:00 PM), (9:00 AM – 2:00 PM)

We have attached our school’s detailed COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy as well
as the reference document on safety measures for schools during COVID-19 by the
Thai Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. Should you have any
questions, please contact our admin staff. Thank you very much for your continued
support in our school. We miss our students dearly and can’t wait to see them this

All the Best,
Didyasarin Leadership Team

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