Visiting Grandpa Urban Farm

Grade 3 students visited Grandpa Urban Farm at sukhumvit 62. This Farm aims to produce foods for domestic consumption and to apply appropriate technologies and local innovation for sustainable living in the city. They also adopt the concept of Urban Metabolism in an attempt to change from linear metabolism to circular metabolism by using multi-resources …

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visiting grandpa urban Farm

Field Trip to Siam Niramit

Grade 1 visited Siam Niramit to learn about Thai history and culture.This learning experience was part of Grade 1’s Project Based Learning. Our theme for the project is culture. When we arrived, we were greeted by the Siam Niramit staff along with two elephants. After this photo opportunity, Grade 1 continued on into the Traditional …

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Field trip at Siam Niramit

N. Yuuki at the Skate Bangkok 2018

N. Yuuki at the Skate Bangkok 2018 International Competition D-PREP is so proud to congratulate our talented Grade 1 student “Yuuki” Jhata Piyarojanakul for winning her very first silver medal for the solo comp program (7 years old) in the Skate Bangkok 2018 International Competition this week!! What talented students we have at our school!

Yuuji in Skate Bangkok 2018

Play and Learn at Museum Siam

Kindergarten 2 Students enjoyed a surprising exhibition at Museum Siam. Museum Siam was created to teach the national identity and history of the people of Thailand, and their relationships with neighboring cultures. The motto of the museum is “Play + Learn = Plearn” (which means ‘joyously’ in Thai); through a series of interactive exhibits, the …

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Kindergarten go to museum Siam

Field Trip to BACC

A trip to BACC with Grade 1 and 3 The Grade 1 and Grade 3 learners went on a field trip to the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center. The BACC is currently displaying artwork as part of the Bangkok Art Biennale, a city wide art event, displaying the works of over seventy-five artists from thirty-four …

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D-Prep Grade 1 and 3 Students in BACC

Family Involvement

Parent-School Partnership At D-PREP, we believe that only through a cooperative and supportive partnership with parents can our school do our best in providing for the best learning experience for our students. To ensure that parents are informed and aligned with the school’s educational practices, D-PREP requires parents to attend specific educational seminars throughout the …

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dprep ft family - Family Involvement

Performing Arts

The Didyasarin and Tavedikul’s families have extensive background in national television and performance. We produced the first children’s TV news program “Jiew Jaew Jok Lok” and talent contest “Top Star Parade” which was on air on Channel 3 and won numerous national awards and more recently “Superstar”, the reality celebrity competition on Channel 9. Because …

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D-PREP Performing Arts

21st Century Skills

Children today are in more than ever to develop 21st century skills in order to successfully and happily thrive in today’s modern world. Technology has drastically changed how society functions and has largely impacted the modern lifestyle. This rapidly changing world although challenging brings with it so many opportunities for children today. They can end …

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dprep ft 21st centruy skills - 21st Century Skills