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D-PREP Weekend School - Bring a friend promotion banner
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Who is this weekend school program designed for?

The weekend school program is designed for students who regularly attend Thai schools and wish for their children to have a truly international school learning experience at a fraction of the regular tuition fee of a high quality international school.


D-PREP Weekend School

We offer a full day or half day Saturday and Sunday weekend school program that has to be enrolled on a full-year basis. The full / half day weekend program run from June – April before Songkran begins with two weeks off in December and a break during the month of May.

All subjects are taught in English and all academic subjects are taught by our highly qualified English native speaker teachers. Classes can be full or half-day classes, spanning from 3 to 6 hours.

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Important Notice

– Due to the COVID-19 situation; students, teachers, and school staff are required to wear face masks when in school premises.
– Photos in this page does not fully reflect the current classroom setting in our Weekend School.


Weekend School Activities

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Purpose and Results

What is the benefit of the annual weekend school program?

The annual weekend school program is a year long program for students to develop their English ability skills (correct pronunciation and the confidence to speak and use English) and learn most of the same subjects that are taught in our regular international school program.

We also promote creative and critical thinking abilities where students will be constantly encouraged to give their ideas and opinions as well as to be curious and ask a lot of “why” questions. It is our goal to help them to develop the confidence in themselves as capable learners and to get over the fear of making mistakes by trying new things and asking a lot of questions.

When can I expect to see development I expect my child to have after attending the annual full or half day weekend school program?

This varies from child to child but generally after about 8-12 consecutive weeks of attendance, parents will start to see confidence develop in their children in speaking and an increase in the ability to understand English at a more complex level than what they started with.

Students who enroll in the full day program will show faster progress as they spend a full 6 hours in an international English speaking environment whereas half day students spend 3 hours each week with us.