The Reggio Emilia-Inspired Light Studio

Student exploring at the D-PREP Light Studio

Reggio Emilia is one of the educational approaches we use at Didyasarin International Preparatory School. At D-PREP, our school philosophy and curriculum are inspired by this approach in many ways.

The Light Studio is designed and concepts are explored by using the important elements of the Reggio Emilia philosophy. We believe your children are very capable and curious learners.

The teachers are observers and are learning from your children during the exploration. The teacher is supported by the Reggio Emilia Coordinator and these educators collaborate together during the exploration period.

Drawing of the D-PRE Pegasus by Gail, 6 yrs old
Drawing of the D-PREP Pegasus by Gail, 6 yrs old

The Reggio Emilia Coordinator, who has been trained and certified in Reggio Emilia, Italy, also coaches and plans with the teachers throughout the year to create the most engaging learning environments and explorations each class and the classroom.

During Light Studio explorations, the teachers are spending a lot of time with your children learning about the way they manipulate and experience different materials and concepts.

It is a process of understanding and experimentation with projects through explorations of light and shadow, reflection, refraction, projection, and even clay and drawing! The list is endless.

The Light Studio is a space where the imagination is challenged and expanded. It is an opportunity for investigation and creative research. The space is flexible, ever-changing, and inclusive. It is open to adjustments and changes depending on each class project and exploration.

In the morning, some groups of Nursery students might be exploring circles and colors in physical objects or in nature. While another group of students is focused on creating and testing a communication system for their structure using accordion pipes.

Later in the morning, Kindergarten students might be exploring light and discovering their drawings of plants being reflected above them on the wall. They are focused on the plant structure and its details by using real plants and projections of plants.

However, in the afternoon, the Light Studio might change into a living and nonliving environment of experimentation and exploration for Primary classes. The plants are magnified using the handheld microscope and some students are drawing their findings.

While other students might be building an area of nonliving things for comparison. The Light Studio changes throughout the day many times.

The Light Studio is viewed as a living organism that is growing and changing over time depending on the processes of the children, their work, and project development.

The space is inclusive and holds many new experiences. It is open to amazing growth as the students and teachers bring new ideas and concepts for experimentation and exploration.

Ms. Malia Rowe, Reggio Emilia Coordinator

Now more than ever, children need time to experiment and explore the world that surrounds them. It is a time for your children to use all of their senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

During Creative Exploration, the Light Studio is one place where they are able to do this with high-level concepts and with focus.

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