School Vision & Mission

D-Prep Logo - Dream, Discover, Deliver

D-PREP School Vision

We believe in the human potential. Even more so, we believe in children’s potential. Didyasarin is founded by a team of passionate educators who are committed to helping students realize their potential. With the right education and adult support, every child will excel. We also believe that success and happiness has to happen together and depends on the development of the whole child. For this reason, we offer a well-rounded education that aims to develop the heart, mind, body, and spirit. Our main job is to help students fulfill their potential and prepare them to deal with change and uncertainty, the most important skill to have in a century that is driven by change.

As the 21st century comes with increasing complexity, our children need to develop strong moral values and self-awareness to stay grounded in the midst of constant change. Education has to be about teaching children to understand themselves and the world they live in and how social contribution will create for authentic, lasting happiness. It is from a successful partnership between the school and family that children will be able to find their passion and grow into their full potential.

D-PREP Mission Statement

Didyasarin’s mission is to help our students develop 21st century life skills and cultivate universal consciousness through nurturing their heart, mind, body, and soul; enabling them to find the courage to dream, to discover their limitless potential in order to deliver positive change to themselves and the world.

D-PREP Motto

“Dream Discover Deliver”
DREAM the Impossible
DISCOVER Your Potential
DELIVER Change to Yourself and the World

D-PREP Slogan

“Nurturing the Soul for Happiness & Success to Create a Better World for All”

D-PREP Core Values

We are all “CO-CREATORS” of our individual destinies and our shared reality.