School Vision & Mission

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School Vision

We believe in the human potential. Even more so, we believe in children’s potential. D-PREP is founded by a team of passionate educators who are committed to helping students realize their potential. With the right education and adult support, we know every child will excel. We believe that successful learning and happiness come in hand in hand. We offer a well-rounded education that aims to develop the whole child through a balanced curriculum. We give importance to all the different developmental areas because we know that all parts play an essential role to who they are and who they will become. As such, we aim to help students realize their dreams and fulfill their human potential by developing their mind, body, heart and spirit.

More importantly, we believe that effective learning has to be fun and meaningful. Learning that matters is learning is when students find joy in learning and are able to make meaningful connections and apply what they learn to their lives. Our job is to create a love for learning in students not only during their school years but beyond.

As the 21st century comes with increasing complexity and technological advancement, our children need to develop strong moral values and self-awareness to stay grounded. We need to prepare students to be able to handle change and uncertainty in the 21st century. In the midst of this constant change and social norms that often value materialism, status and external achievement, we feel the urgency for education to focus on cultivating a compassionate and morally conscious humanity.

Education has to be about teaching children the skills to develop, reflect, understand, and love themselves through the context of world we live in with the support of teachers and their families. We believe that there needs to be a supportive partnership between the school and the family. It is only when the school’s and parents’ vision, mission, and actions align will we be able to realize our mission and help students develop to their full potential.

School Mission

D-PREP’s mission is to help our students develop 21st century life skills and cultivate moral consciousness though nurturing their heart, mind, body, and spirit ; enabling them to find the courage to dream, to discover who they are and their limitless potential in order to deliver positive change to themselves and the world.

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February 27, 2019