D-PREP Special Subject Teachers

Mr. Alexander Kyriacou

Visual Arts Teacher

As an art teacher, I believe that all students learn best in an active environment, where they are encouraged to experiment and interact with a wide variety stimuli. Students should be encouraged to take risks, learn and grow from any mistakes, and above all have fun expressing themselves and sharing their ideas.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fine Arts
~ Central Saint College of Art and Design

Master’s Degree in Fashion Photography
~ London College of Fashion

BTEC Award Digital Photography
~ Kensington and Chelsea College

Art Foundation Course
~ Central Saint Martins, College of Art and Design

Ms. Kristania Fanega

Performing Arts Teacher

Paulo Freire once said “Education doesn’t change the world. Education changes people. People change the world.” I’ve always believed that our role as teachers or educators is not only to instill knowledge to our students, but to help them build character and love for life-long learning.

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, Major in Performance Communication
Full Academic Scholar, Magna Cum Laude
~ Assumption University

Jintana Arunruang Hubble

Primary School Thai Language Teacher

I believe in a child-centered classroom where children are given the opportunity to inquire and discover new ideas with the guidance of a coach. Children co-construct meaning and gain understanding through making mistakes and learning from them. Children are capable of creating their own understanding based on their current knowledge and what they are curious about.

Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business
~ Dhurakij Pundit University

Bachelor of Education
~ Tepsatri Rajabhat University

Watcharaporn Katthiyang

Early Years Thai Language Teacher

Being a teacher is not just teaching, but the teacher should give love and support for students to learn through experience and be able to adapt in this contemporary society.

Bachelor of Education in Social Studies
~ Ramkhamhaeng University

Ma Yun

Chinese Language Teacher

All students are individuals, and no one is left behind. I believe in learning by reading, by creating, by playing, and discovering. I also believe in learning from each other and from real life.

Bachelor of Education in Foreign Language Teaching
~ Burapha University

Certificate of National Mandarin test

Certificate of The Opportunity of Bilingualism Course
~ Harvard Graduate School of Education

Javier Tesouro

Physical Education Teacher

I have always loved sports and wanted to become a PE teacher. I truly believe that sports are not only sports. It is an essential key in personal development and growth. Physical Education helps the students to become confident young adults, able to overcome fears and difficulties. A well-conducted class allows us to work on values such as respect, trust, empathy, courage, and resilience. Also, it helps with acquiring the abilities and skills necessary for each sport while having fun and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Master’s Degree in Education, Physical Education
~ Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Bachelor of Sports Science, Major in Education
~ Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Masaru Ogiwara

Physical Education Teacher

I create and facilitate a safe environment for learning and the expression of diversity.

Bachelor of Arts in Teaching
~ Kanagawa University, Japan

Sittie Galawan


I aim to provide quality learning through focusing on the importance of socio-emotional development and well being of the student.

Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in English
~ Mindanao State University

Working at D-PREP

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