D-PREP Special Subject Teachers

Mr. Gareth Hardman

Design Technology Teacher

Post-Graduate Certificate in Education
~ Technology, Engineering Graphics & Design

Bachelor of Technology Degree, Mechanical Engineering: Mechatronics
~ Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

~ Professional TEFL Certificate – Bridge-Linguatec, USA
~ MCE: Microsoft Certified Educator

My teaching philosophy is simple; to inspire the inquisitive nature that is in the hearts of all humans. I strive to connect authentically with my students (and peers) and believe this is an important step in the journey towards curiosity and understanding. I want my students to realise that I don’t know all the answers, to all the questions, all the time, but rather have developed the tools, understanding and drive to discover answers to the questions I have. My goal is to show that knowledge is not a destination to arrive at, but rather an awe-inspiring journey of discovery, that just keeps on unfolding.

Mr. Javier Tesouro

Physical Education Teacher / Specialist Subject Team Lead / Athletics and Activities Team Leader

Master’s Degree in Education, Physical Education
~ Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Bachelor of Sports Science, Major in Education
~ Technical University of Madrid, Spain

I have always loved sports and wanted to become a PE teacher. I truly believe that sports are not only sports. It is an essential key to personal development and growth. Physical Education helps the students to become confident young adults, able to overcome fears and difficulties. A well-conducted class allows us to work on values such as respect, trust empathy, courage, and resilience. Also, it helps with acquiring the abilities and skills necessary for each sport while having fun and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Evan Jose De Veyra

Music Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Music Education
~ Holy Infant College, Philippines.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology
~ Leyte Institute of Technology, Philippines

Music is not just about mastering technical skills or performing with perfection. It’s about cultivating a love and appreciation for the art form, and using it as a tool for self-expression and creativity. I believe that by encouraging students to explore and experiment with music in their own way, they can develop a lifelong passion for it.

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