D-PREP Special Subject Teachers

Mr. Alexander (Alex) Kyriacou

Integration Teacher / Middle School Team Leader

Diploma in Teaching
~ St. Theresa College, Thailand

Master’s Degree in Fashion Photography
~ London College of Fashion, London

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fine Arts
~ Central Saint College of Art and Design

BTEC Award for Digital Photography
~ Kensington and Chelsea College

Art Foundation Course
~ Central Saint Martins, College of Art and Design

I believe that all students learn best in an active environment, where they are encouraged to experiment and interact with a wide variety of stimuli. Students should be encouraged to take risks, learn and grow from any mistakes, and above all have fun expressing themselves and sharing their ideas.

D-PREP Teacher for 2022-2023 - Mr. Javier Tesouro

Mr. Javier Tesouro

Physical Education Teacher / Specialist Subject Team Lead / Athletics and Activities Team Leader

Master’s Degree in Education, Physical Education
~ Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Bachelor of Sports Science, Major in Education
~ Technical University of Madrid, Spain

I have always loved sports and wanted to become a PE teacher. I truly believe that sports are not only sports. It is an essential key to personal development and growth. Physical Education helps the students to become confident young adults, able to overcome fears and difficulties. A well-conducted class allows us to work on values such as respect, trust empathy, courage, and resilience. Also, it helps with acquiring the abilities and skills necessary for each sport while having fun and leading a healthy lifestyle.

D-PREP Teacher for 2022-2023 - Mr. Masaru Ogiwara

Mr. Masaru Ogiwara

Physical Education Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Teaching
~ Kanagawa University, Japan

I create and facilitate a safe environment for learning and the expression of diversity.

D-PREP Teacher for 2022-2023 - Ms. Panida (Michelle) Kraiwitchaircharoen

Ms. Panida (Michelle) Kraiwitchaircharoen

Performing and Dramatic Arts Teacher

BA (Hons) Musical Theatre
~ The Open University, United Kingdom

Continuing Coach Education (CCE)
~ LP – The Eureka Coaching Program

~ Director:
Annie Musical, Aladdin Showcase,
Broadway Medley Showcase, and many more.
~ Performance:
Miss Saigon (Musical) – Scenario, Thailand. (Role: Main Understudy)
The Death of Miss America (Musical) – Culture Collective Studio, Thailand. (Role: Main)
Thoroughly Modern Millie (Musical) – Lasalle Musical Theatre, Singapore. (Role: Main)
Sweet Charity (Musical) – Lasalle Musical Theatre, Singapore. (Role: Ensemble)
~ TV/Film:
United Nations (UN) Film Documentary “Open Door”, Asia
History Channel Documentary “Pills That Changed The World”, Singapore
Mono 29 Channel TV Series “Angels”, Thailand

In Performing Arts, we learn to become creative, confident as well as compassionate. We learn to develop an awareness of oneself and others while improving our emotional intelligence. I teach performing arts to young learners not only to enable them to unleash their potential but essentially to ensure my students have a profound understanding of life and are growing into becoming good citizens of the world.

D-PREP Teacher for 2022-2023 - Mr. Wilson Cerilo Jr.

Mr. Wilson Cerilo Jr.

Music Teacher

Graduate Diploma of Technology Major in Electronics Technology
~ Marikina Institute of Science and Technology, Philippines

Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education
~ Interasian International Education

I believe that Music is not only for talented individuals. Everyone can be great in music as long as you are dedicated to the instrument or song you are practicing. Music only requires dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm.

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