Dear D-PREP Community,

I am inspired and humbled to be joining the community of parents, staff, and students at Didyasarin International Preparatory School, as the school’s vision is true to my core beliefs that students are inspired to become life-long learners if they are supported to pursue their own dreams and passions and if their natural curiosity is fostered through project-based learning connected to real-world, authentic purposes. This is how we, as a community develop young people who will be committed to making our world a better place for their entire life.

Having served as a Principal in US school for 20 years in both Boston, Massachusetts and on a small island on the coast of Maine, my family (husband and three children) and I intentionally chose to broaden our own global perspective two years ago, when we joined the international school community and began leading an experiential, project-based learning school in New Delhi, India. It was a wonderful and enriching experience, enhancing my knowledge of the IB/PYP and successfully incorporating experiential learning in an urban Asian context, and now we are thrilled to bring this learning to Bangkok.

We, together, are able to create a learning environment at D-PREP which inspires dreaming and discovery, and ultimately creates the young people who will deliver the changes and improvements that are needed to make our world more loving, inclusive, and sustainable. I look forward to helping lead the development of this engaging, challenging, and inspiring learning environment at D-PREP with all of you in the 2020-2021 school year.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you, and nurturing your children to reach their full potential and to discover and deliver on all of their dreams!


Amy K. Marx
Didyasarin International Preparatory School Bangkok