Our D-PREP Homeroom Teachers

Ms. Lyndi Grebe

Nursery Homeroom Teacher / Early Years 1 Team Leader

Post Graduate Degree in Education: Special Needs Education
~ Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), South Africa

Bachelor of Science: Education
~ Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), South Africa

My teaching philosophy is based on the belief that the student’s happiness is vital to all learning. If students feel happy and safe, they will enjoy learning. The more happiness students find in learning, the greater their curiosity will become and the bigger the risks they will take. As said by Jeff Olson: “Success does not lead to happiness– it’s the other way around. Greater happiness is what leads to greater success.”

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Ms. Racha Seddiki

Nursery Homeroom Teacher

Diploma in Teacher
~ St. Roberts University, Thailand

Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English Language
~ University of Algiers, Algeria

I believe that every child is curious and capable of learning new things. Although each child is unique with different interests, backgrounds, and development stages. As an early year teacher, my role is to facilitate that learning by providing a safe and supportive environment as well as endless opportunities for my students to explore, discover, create new ideas, imagine, dream and believe in themselves.

Ms. Diana Rajabnejad Namaghi

Nursery Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor’s degree in English Translation Studies
~ Payame Noor University, Iran

Master’s degree in Teaching
~ Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran

Certificate in Internationalization
~ Middle East University of Technology, Turkey

Certificate in Design Thinking
~ Mahidol University, Thailand

Our young learners are ready to learn anything and everything!

My philosophy of teaching is for them to find their own path towards learning through exploring and playing, not necessarily a measurable old-fashioned instruction. I am simply here to guide and encourage them. So, one theory that I embrace is ‘experiential learning’ theory which involves various learning styles, acknowledging every single individual’s skills and interests.

Together, we dream the impossible; discover new ways of learning; and, deliver the bests in our learners! Oh! Don’t forget that we are going to have FUN!

Ms. Priscilla Elizabeth Clinton

Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Law
~ University of Johanneburg, RSA

LLB degree and Post-Grad in Contracts
~ University of Johanneburg, RSA

Masters in International Education
~ Framingham State University, USA

I believe children are naturally creative, curious, and enthusiastic about learning. It is our job to help them develop those natural tendencies through appropriately challenging activities, guidance, and encouragement. I believe it is important to encourage the development of the child as a whole (physically, socially, emotionally, and academically) for them to explore their passions, be true to themselves, and ultimately be the best they can be.

Ms. Lindsay Thompson

Kindergarten 2 Homeroom Teacher

Master of Teaching
~ University of Toronto, Canada

Bachelor of Arts
~ York University, Canada

I believe in teaching the whole child. In other words, I do not teach just for academic success. Yes, I strive for that, but I am intentional about helping students to identify and regulate their emotions, connect with their peers and be reflective and mindful individuals. For example, one of the practices that we start our day with is saying a kind sentiment to a peer, like “You are..” or “I like…” and looking that person in the eye. It is a powerful feeling to make that kind of connection to another person at any stage of life. This empathy will affect the trajectory of these students’ lives and the kind of people that they will become.

Mr. David (Chip) Pitman Schardt

Kindergarten 2 Homeroom Teacher

Master’s of Education
~ Asian University in Thailand, Thailand

Bachelor of Science, Major in Recreation and Park Management
~ Southeast Missouri State University, USA

I believe that students learn when they are engaged. The key is keeping them engaged. This requires communication and empathy towards your students. When they are engaged, you rarely have discipline problems, and they will learn without realizing it. This can be achieved through a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my goal to create this type of atmosphere every day. In this environment, students are invited to share their ideas and take risks. I will incorporate hands-on learning, cooperative learning, projects, themes, and individual work that engage and activate students learning.

Mr. Wayne Goodings

Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

Master of Arts in Education
~ Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

I try to create a fun learning environment where my students are free and greatly encouraged to ask questions, to think for themselves, to collaborate with others, to show their ability and personality. Students are encouraged to take ownership of themselves, their behaviour, their educational work and life wherever possible. I believe learning happens in every aspect of our daily lives, not just in the classroom, and by giving students the required academic tools success will surely follow.

Mr. Jonathan Wright

Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

Master of Education (Curriculum Studies)
~ Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada

Bachelor of Education
~ Lakehead University, Canada

Juris Doctor
~ Dalhousie Law School, Canada

Bachelor of Arts, Hons (Political Studies)
~ Queen’s University, Canada

As a teacher, I believe that students learn best when they are actively engaged in their own learning, and when they can connect their learning to real-world problems and experiences.  I strive to create a classroom environment that builds foundational skills, and that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, where students feel safe to take risks and make mistakes.  By encouraging students to think deeply, ask questions, and seek out solutions, I hope to instill in them a love of learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Mr. David (Dave) Barraclough

Middle School Social Science Teacher

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (International: Merit)
~ University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Planning Studies
~ Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

~ CELTA (Pass B), University of Cambridge, UK
~ Diploma in Town Planning, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

I strive to provide an excellent learning space within my classroom, utilising student-centred, collaborative and cooperative techniques in which relevant queries, questions and answers are always welcome and lead to meaningful learning outcomes. My classrooms are always focused on the specific needs of my students. I work hard to differentiate learning so that each student’s unique skills are emphasised. To me, students should learn through experience. I aim to create experiences in the classroom that are as authentic as possible, to mimic real-life application of knowledge.

Ms. Jonalou Tepatipya

Science Teacher

Master in Management in Educational Management
~ Philippine Christian University, Philippines

Bachelor of Secondary Education
~ University of Perpetual Help, Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
~ Cavite State University, Philippines

As a teacher, my focus is on helping my students develop sharp thinking skills, teamwork, and a lifelong love for learning. My commitment lies in inspiring them to deconstruct, apply, integrate, evaluate, and sift through the wealth of information they come across in their studies, readings, and everyday encounters. As Albert Einstein once wisely said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” I firmly believe that science isn’t just about facts, it’s a unique way of seeing the world.

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