Ms. Lady Didyasarin Tavedikul

Head of School

Lady Didyasarin Tavedikul

Ms. Lady Didyasarin Tavedikul, is the daughter of Mrs. Lakhana Didyasarin and Dr. Prachya Davi Tavedikul and is a 4th generation of the Didyasarin family who have contributed to education in Thailand.

Masters degree in Education, Columbia University, New York, USA.

  • RULER Emotional Intelligence Training, Yale University
  • Visible Thinking Certificate, Harvard University
  • Reggio Emilia Certificate, Loris Maliguzzi Center, Italy
  • Finnish Education Certificate, Learning Scoop, Finland
  • Over 10 years experience as a teacher and principal at the American School of Bangkok

I believe that the education system in general needs a major shift in mindset and teaching and learning approach. With the rise in social materialism, international terrorism, global warming, and other alarming world issues, I believe we are facing an urgency to change the way we teach today’s children and the way they learn. Because the world is getting much more complex and change is happening at a faster pace than ever, the education system needs to prioritize the skill of self-led learning, flexibility, open-mindness, and social contribution. We can no longer teach our children to think for themselves. We now have to teach our children how to balance living for themselves with learning to be of value and giving to others. This includes first and foremost starting with their own family and community. And as they grow up, they will learn to experience the immense happiness they will gain from creating positive changes to themselves and the world at large.

To ensure that our 21st century students succeed in this modern world, I’ve decided to embark on creating D-PREP, the school that believes that happiness and success have to happen hand in hand. We truly believe that succeeding at school alone is not enough to guarantee future job security, to realize one’s own potential, or most importantly, lifelong happiness. We believe that happiness has to happen now. Happiness and self-belief are skills that have to be learned, developed, and maintained. Our school believes in a balanced approach to living and learning, giving equal importance to academic, social-emotional, creative/critical thinking skills, and life skills development in every single child. We believe that the 21st century school has to teach and prepare children to understand, succeeed, and be happy in their lives, not simply to succeed in school. Our school’s philosophy is largely inspired by the teachings of His Majesty King Rama 9, especially in his Majesty’s teachings on social contribution, ethics and morality, sufficient economy, and problem solving skills in life. Like His Majesty, we believe that all academic learning must be able to serve a real world purpose and utilised to solve the problems in society and in life. For this reason, we have chosen project based learning or PBL as the main teaching and learning strategy at our school. The “P” in PBL also stands for “play”, “problem”, “passion”, and “practice” based learning as well.

We believe in rigorous academic learning that happens in a natural and insipring way through creative and child led teaching methods as opposed to being forced upon students. We also are inspired by the Finnish and Reggio Emilia approaches to education which both view the child as a highly capable individual who will excel best when given the opportunity to lead his/her own learning. We have chosen to follow the international curriculum and the IB system for our school to ensure high quality, international standards for our students. We believe that being fluent in at least 3 languages is an essential component to succeeding in today’s international world. We also believe in the importance of incorporating the use of technology in teaching through both traditional and creative ways at our school.

At our school, we call our teachers “coaches” because we believe that the role of the teacher is not only to distribute information but to inspire, support, and guide students to take charge of their own learning. All our coaches are highly qualified and professional educators whose lifelong passion to see their students excel far ahead of themselves. All of the coaches and staff at D-PREP believe in every single student at our school. We know that in every child exists limitless potential and our most significant role is to help them to develop the skills to realize this fact. Children can grow up to be anything or anyone they want to be. They can grow up to have multiple careers and excel in all of them. But most importantly, as they do so, it is our aim that they are self-aware, kind, and compassionate individuals who choose to create positive change to themselves and others as they go after their dreams. At our school, every child is encouraged to dream the impossible, to discover their potential, and to deliver change to the world.