D-PREP is a Nursery-Grade 12, IB system international school in Bangkok that follows an international curriculum. We are a multilingual school with the primary language of instruction being in English followed by Thai and Chinese.

Our belief is that happiness and success has to happen hand in hand for every single child. We believe in a well-rounded and balanced approach to education where the child is viewed as a capable learner with ability to lead most of his or her own learning through the guidance and support of coaches (teachers).

Mrs. Lakhana Didyasarin


Board Members

Ms. Lady Didyasarin Tavedikul

School Director

Danai Thanpatranont - Business Manager of D-PREP
Mr. Danai Thanpatranont

Business Manager

K. Sara Lamsam

Honorary School Advisor

K. Kim Chongstitvathana

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Prachya Davi Tavedikul

Board Member

K. Isareit Chirathivat

Board Member

Dr. Tharnpas Sattayarak

Board Member

Songpathara Snidvongs Na Ayuthaya – Didyasarin Board Member
K. Songpathara Snidvongs Na Ayuthaya

Board Member