Fieldwork: Middle School outbound to Kanchanaburi.

D-PREP outbound trips are an extension of our practice of fieldwork. They are multi-day, overnight experiences for our students supporting the three dimensions of student achievement: mastery of skills and content, character growth, and high-quality student work.

After an early rise, some scrumptious snacks, and noisy karaoke on our journey to Kanchanaburi, the Middle Schoolers made it to the Death Railway Museum. Students attentively listened to an expert in the region, explored the museum and answered questions and drew sketches in their notebooks.

The tour around the war cemetery was a very moving experience. The Middle School students were shocked by rows of hundreds of headstones placed in remembrance of those who lost their lives building the railway.

Afterwards, we managed to walk across and inspect the Bridge over the River Kwai (Khwae), as well as take in some stunning scenery before the heavens opened and released bullets of rain. Fortunately, everyone was prepared with their raincoats so no one got too wet.

A certain highlight of the trip. An expert introduced students to the history of Hellfire Pass on a wooden deck overlooking the vast jungle. Students then had time to view the informative museum center before moving onto the trail to the Hellfire Pass memorial site. A strange sense of both sadness and serenity was experienced by a lot of students. After being given the history of the area it was very difficult to remain unaware of the suffering endured by the prisoners at Hellfire Pass.