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25 May 2024

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Message from the Principal – Dec 2020

Message from the Principal – Dec 2020

D-PREP Principal - Ms. Amy Marx
D-PREP Principal – Ms. Amy Marx

Dear Parents and Community Members:

As the first semester at D-PREP comes to an end, it is great to reflect on some of the impressive growth of our students and the high-quality work our students have created across their classrooms. I am impressed with the engaging and meaningful learning happening in every classroom at D-PREP.

One aspect of our program, highlighted in this issue of Pegasus Stories is our Outbound Trip with our 5th/6th Grade students. Outbound trips are a way to take students learning into a real-world setting for multiple days to deepen their learning and understanding of concepts but also to heighten their character, life skills, and leadership development.

Our Grade 5 and 6 students had their first Outbound Trip with D-PREP in early December, and showed their own personal growth as a leader, improved their skills at working in groups, and were able to learn from some wonderful community leaders as well.

In this issue, you will also see our design-thinking integration of scratch programming/ coding in our 3rd/ 4th Grade Unit of Inquiry on the life cycle of rocks, and our Grade 2 fieldwork which enhanced their Unit of Inquiry on Where We Are In Place and Time, by examining the cultural and religious influences in our own Thai community.

We ended December with a wonderful Winter Wonderland/ Christmas community celebration. It was spectacular to see our community singing, dancing and laughing together to close out the year.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2021! Happy New Year!

Amy K. Marx

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