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Message from Ms. Lady

Ms. Lady Didyasarin Tavedikul, School Director at D-PREP International School

Dear D-PREP Community,

We are so thrilled to have our very first D-PREP monthly newsletter. The goal of this newsletter is to update our community on our school and students’ growth in the various areas that are very important to us.

This ranges from the teaching and student learning achievements, instilling in our students the D-PREP core values, IB PYP updates, to events and activities happening at the school, to name a few.

We have held our first parent coffee hour and will be hosting more during the school year. We really encourage all parents to attend if you are able to make some time.

We truly believe that an active and healthy family and school relationship is critical to the happiness and success of our children’s growth and learning experience.

We thank you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy our very first newsletter!

With Gratitude,
Ms. Lady Didyasarin Tavedikul

  • Reference:
    This message was posted in our Newsletter.
    Pegasus Stories (Issues 1 – Volume 1)
    Published on September 2020.
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