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5 June 2024

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Available now! 5 June 2024
Meet D-PREP’s Pioneering Student Council Members

Meet D-PREP’s Pioneering Student Council Members

Nelson Mandela beautifully once said, “The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” 

To this day, his words ring true. Children are essentially the living messages that we send to the future. However, for children to be effective leaders of tomorrow, they need quality education. In today’s standards, quality education is no longer just passive lectures in classrooms. It is now a mix of varying styles of teaching, and one of them is experiential learning. And what better way to make them experience leadership in a safe and encouraging environment than a student council. 

A student council is a group of student leaders chosen by the student body to work with an adult supervisor to create an impact in their school. At D-PREP International School, we understand the value of listening to the students, and last September 2022, the student council members were officially chosen through a school voting process.  

With that, D-PREP proudly presents to you its first batch of student council members established in the school year 2022-2023.

Jessica Ramida Corrigan President and G.7 Class Representative

“I ran for student council president because I want to help improve the little things that seemingly go unnoticed at school. I also want to improve the swimming pools and the school’s overall safety.”

President and G.7 Class Representative

“I ran for student council vice president because I want to improve the school system and how lessons are taught at D-PREP.”

Vice president
Musa Jones - D-PREP Vice president
Nattanan Singhapanich (Mimi) -Student Council Secretary

“I want the student body’s suggestions to be heard, and I want to ensure that the school is a safe and friendly environment for everyone.”


“I want to contribute to improving the middle school class schedules and help students voice out their ideas to improve the school.”

Treasurer and G.8 Class Representative
Pitchapa Vejmonghkolkorn (Gaemyui) Treasurer and G.8 Class Representative
Natchawin Viriyakamolporn (Win) G.1-A Class Representative

“I joined the student council because I want to help my friends and D-PREP improve as a whole.”

G.1-A Class Representative

“I’m very excited to be the Grade 1-B class representative and I want to help improve the school.”

G.1-B Class Representative
Saksorn Srivilai (Chaipetch) G.1-B Class Representative
Jaysita Limpanachaipondgoon (Bloom) G.2-A Class Representative

“We helped out so far with the Halloween and Christmas decorations, and I want to contribute to more fun school activities and events.”

G.2-A Class Representative

“I joined the student council because I want the school to improve their food options and have more special events.”

G.2-B Class Representative
Darinda Chudabala (Darlene) G.2-B Class Representative
Maycarwin Khinkhunthod (Philos) G.3-B Class Representative

“I want to make sure that class is more fun and enjoyable for all students at D-PREP.”

G.3-B Class Representative

“I became part of the student council because my classmates believed in me. I want to improve many things like the school food and playground.”

G.4 Class Representative
Claire Amaris Lozare (Claire) G.4 Class Representative
Apipada Somyanontanagul (Alin) G.5 Class Representative

“I advocate for better school equipment and more exciting school-wide events like bake sales!”

G.5 Class Representative

“I want to make more fun activities for the school and encourage more fundraisers that will help those in need.”

G.6 Class Representative
Aliya Hanpanich (Aya) G.6 Class Representative
Javier Jesus Tesouro Student Council Supervisor

“I deeply care for the students. As the student council supervisor, I want to guide the students and help them understand the importance of their roles as leaders. I plan to mentor and guide them so they can take complete ownership and responsibility, and make projects they will be proud of.”

Javier Jesus Tesouro 
Student Council Supervisor
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