Meditation teacher Jeff Carreira teaches students how to find their passion

Ms. Lady and Jeff Careira talking during the expedition launch

Learning expeditions encourage students to practice critical thinking and problem-solving through original research. D-PREP International School holds various expeditions for the students, especially middle school. 

For the final semester, the Grade 8 students learning expedition is about appreciating their past as a guide for the future. Their expedition is called the Passion Project Expedition and serves as a culminating event for middle school students. It aims to help them discover their voice and passions and ultimately show their growth. 

To officially launch this learning expedition, the Grade 8 students had an online meeting with meditation teacher Jeff Carreira.

Jeff Carreira in a zoom meeting with G8 students

Jeff Carreira has devoted his life to spiritual practice and enlightenment for more than 30 years. He is also the author of more than 40 meditation and mystical philosophy books. In the expedition launch, Jeff Carreira talked about living one’s passion and finding the secret to a happy life. 

“When we do the things we love, we get so into it that we forget ourselves,” Carreira explained.

Carreira shared that one should be mindful and learn to quiet the mind to find one’s passion. 

“We get distracted by what’s happening. Ignore it [the distractions]. The harder you try to make it quiet, the louder it gets,” he said.

G8 student Mimi asking Jeff Carreira a question

When the students shared their fears about the future and the unknown, Carreira told them to look deeply into the patterns in the things they love.

“Plenty of choices are motivated by fear– fear of disappointing your parents, fear of failing. What’s motivating your choices?” he asked.

Carreira ended the launch by advising the students to make choices based on what they love, not what they’re afraid of or what other people want.

“There are things you can learn by just being alive. You may not know what you want, but you can start discovering now,” he said. 

G8 girls listening to Jeff Carreira
G8 boys listening to Jeff Carreira

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