Launching our D-PREP Middle School

Middle School hangout area

It has been wonderful watching our middle school students come into the Dream building and create our first middle school community together with their teaching team, doing team-building activities during their crew blocks, enjoying the middle school hang-out area, and moving fluidly between their fully equipped science lab, math classroom, humanities room, and multiple breakout rooms on their own floor of the school.

Middle school kids playing foosball

We are excited to now have separate sections for both Grade 6 and Grade 7, and a vibrant group of adolescents that has a nice balance of both returning and new students in each class. We also have a strong team of academic and specialty teachers guiding our middle school students’ journey through this important transition to more independence and leadership in the middle grades.

A Gallery Walk activity with D-PREP Middle School

Our middle school program is based on Expeditionary Learning which is the leading school design model globally for implementing high-quality experiential learning that focuses on students positively impacting their own communities and the world.

Recently our students committed to helping to document for LiCAS News, as youth journalists, the lives of people of Thailand who have overcome difficulties and persevered so they have become stronger individuals.

We can’t wait to read their powerful stories, as journalists, of the people of Thailand they interview through the next generation’s, our youth’s, perspective!

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